Faculty Senate Minutes
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Meeting Minutes

October 31, 2002

Special Called Meeting

Call to order: 

4:10 PM; Rader 111.

Senators Absent: 

Laurie Couch, Tom Crehan, Julie Gawne, Wayne Isham, Ricky Little, Randy McCoy and Cathy Thomas.

Discussion regarding a resolution concerning 2003 Health Insurance Premiums.

A presentation of scenarios of the 2003 Health Insurance Plans was given by Roger Barker.

The following resolution was presented by Senator K. Lewis and the Finance Committee.

RESOLVED:  that the Faculty Senate strongly opposes he plan presented by Human Resources because the university provides higher support for employees who select the more expensive health plans.

A motion was made and seconded to suspend the rules so the resolution could be voted on today.  Motion Passed.  Vote on the resolution failed  YEANay 32

A second resolution was presented from the floor by Senator Irons, Seconded by Senator Cain

Whereas the health, welfare, and wellbeing of every employee of Morehead State University should be the first priority of the University in determining employee benefits, and  

Whereas the proposed health insurance rates for 2003 include an increased employee cost of $372 per year for the PPO single person base plan that disproportionately impacts those members of the University family who can least afford it, and 

Whereas many of these members of the University family, forced to choose between putting food on the table or paying for health care, may elect to discontinue health care coverage, and 

Whereas the proposed University contribution to the PPO single person base plan represents a 7.4% decrease from the 2002 contribution to this plan, and

Whereas this proposal represents a significantly diminished benefit for 440 members of the University family,

Be it therefore resolved, that the Faculty Senate, as campus leaders representing the collective interest of the entire University family, do strongly urge the administration to maintain the philosophy of providing the PPO single person base health care insurance plan as an employee benefit without additional employee cost, as has been the philosophy in the past.

A motion was made by Senator Buck and seconded by Senator Rogers to suspend the rules so that the resolution could be voted on today. 

The resolution passed. 

Meeting adjourned at 5:55 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Wade Cain