Faculty Senate Minutes
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Meeting Minutes

October 17, 2002

Call to order: 

4:10 pm; 111 Rader Hall.

Senators Absent: 

Haiwook Choi, Julie Gawne, William Grise, Tom Kmetz, Jeanie Lee, and Charles Morgan


Minutes of September 19, 2002 were presented.  Senator Buck moved to have Senator Irons name removed from the absences.  Motion seconded and passed.  Minutes of September 19 were approved as amended.  Minutes of October 3, 2002, were approved as distributed.

Senate Actions:

Committee Reports:


The Technology Resources Committee was presented for a first reading.

Professional Policies: 

PG-1: Regular and Non-regular University Employment; and PG-3: Types of Employment were presented for a first reading.

PG-49:Sick Leave was presented for a second reading.  Senator Dickson moved to withdraw the PG until the most recent issue could be presented.  Motion seconded and passed.


5:05 pm.