Faculty Senate Minutes
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Meeting Minutes

October 3, 2002

Call to order: 

4:10 pm; 111 Rader Hall.

Senators Absent: 

Teresa Hardman, Ricky Little, Randy McCoy, Mary Netherton, John Secor, and Cathy Thomas.


Minutes of September 5, 2002 were presented for approval. Senator Cain moved to amend the minutes to show Ric Caric as present. Seconded and passed. Correction to the minutes: Under Professional Policies Committee, "will have a rotating chair" should be "will have a rotating secretary."  Minutes passed as amended.

Senate Actions:

Academic Polices: 

The Reading Day Resolution was withdrawn.


Title Changes for Committee Descriptions was presented for a second reading. Motion passed unanimously.

The following committee nominations were presented and approved: Research & Creative Productions Committee: Allen Risk; term ending 2003. Professional Development Committee: Vivian Cyrus, S&T; and Karen Lafferty, EDU.

A motion regarding the Planning Committee was presented. Senator Creahan made the following friendly amendment: That the motion read as follows: ‘The Governance Committee moves that the changes in the Planning Committee description as stipulated by the Provost and President be accepted.’ The friendly motion was accepted. The motion passed, with Senator Irons expressing his desire that the minutes reflex his no vote.

Professional Policies:

PG-49: Sick Leave was presented for a second reading. Senator Rogers moved to return the document back to committee. Seconded and passed.


5:35 pm.