Faculty Senate Minutes
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Meeting Minutes

September 19, 2002

Call to Order:  

4:10 pm; 111 Rader Hall.

Members absent:  

Yan Duan, Robert Grueninger, Teresa Howell, Terry Irons, Wayne Isham, and Deborah Plum.

Consideration of Minutes:  

Delayed until the October 3rd meeting.

Senate Actions:

Chair’s Report

Chair reported on the following:  COSFL Meeting held September 14. Morehead State Fall 2002 enrollment and Planning Committee.

Provost Report:   

The following was discussed:  Three new ad-hoc committees.  1st committee is related to multimedia and needs assessment for immediate and future needs.  2nd committee is concerned with laboratories and equipment.  3rd committee is concerned with overseeing a $10,000 software pool; overload pay for faculty teaching at Extended Campus Centers; and Reading Day.

Regent Report:

A meeting of the Board of Regents will be held on Friday, September 25.

Senate Actions:

Committee Reports

Old Business 

Governance Committee :

Presented for a first reading:  a motion pertaining to title changes in standing and advisory committee descriptions

Professional Policies:

The following was presented for a 1st reading: 

PG-9: Personal Leave of Absence Without Pay (Other than Military or Family Medical Leave); PG-10:Leave of Absence with Pay for Short-Term Military or National Guard Services or Training Day ; PG-48: Vacation Leave; PG-49: Sick Leave; and PG-52:Family and Medical Leave

Motion was made and seconded to suspend the rules and allow a 2nd reading today and voting on all 5 PG’s.  Motion failed 12 FOR and 9 AGAINST.

Senator Buck moved that PG-39 not be presented to the Board of Regents until faculty has had time to review and vote on it.  Motion seconded.  Motion passed.

Motion made by Senator Caric and seconded by Senator Irons to suspend rules and wave a 2nd reading of all other PG’s and have discussion on all others (PG-9,PG-10, PG-48, PG-49 and PG-52).  Motion passed. 

Senator Caric made the following friendly amendment: on PG-10: ‘Amend PG 1- to delete “and approved” and change “by” to “to” on lines 40-41.

All PG;s passed.

Meeting adjourned:

at approximately 6 PM.

Respectfully submitted by Wade Cain.