Faculty Senate Minutes
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Meeting Minutes

February 6, 2003

Call to order: 

4:13 pm; 111 Rader Hall; MSU.

Senators Absent: 

Haiwook, Choi, Yan Duan, Robert Grueninger, Ken Henderson, Thomas Kiffmeyer, Jeanie Lee, Lesia Lennex, Ricky Little, Monica Magner, and Edna Schack.


Minutes of January 30, 2003, passed as distributed.

Senate Actions:

Fiscal Affairs Committee:

The Resolution on Retirement Plan Contribution Notification was presented for a second reading. Senator Buck made the following friendly amendment: In the ‘Be it resolved’ add ‘individual’ before inform and ‘in a timely manner’ before each year. Friendly amendment accepted. Motion passed.

Professional Policies: Distributed PG-3: Types of Appointments.


4:35 pm.