Faculty Senate Minutes
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Meeting Minutes

Faculty Senate Minutes

December 6, 2001


Call to order: 4:14 pm; Riggle Room; ADUC.

 Senators Absent: Teresa Hardman, Wayne Isham, Clara Keyes, Ricky Little, Phil Prater, James Smallwood, and Eric Swank.

Minutes: Minutes of October 18 pass as amended.  Minutes of November 1 and November 15 pass.



 Academic Policies Committee:

 Academic Calendar Resolution presented for a first reading.

Fiscal Affairs Committee:

 Resolution on Inflation Protection presented for a second reading.  Buck made the following amendment: ‘Change first paragraph to: “Whereas faculty members who perform at the expected level should not have their real income reduced, and”, and change second line in third paragraph to: “payments under PBSI, all faculty members performing at the expected level receive a cost-of-living adjustment equal to”.’  Motion seconded.  Failed.  Resolution passed.

Governance Committee:

The following committee nominations were approved: Faculty Rights and Responsibilities election ballot with Lary Cowart and Blank on the Graduate Committee from BUS.  Passed.

Professional Policies Committee:

PG-11: Leave of Absence without Salary for Extended Active Military Service was presented for a second reading.  Secor moved to change on page 3, line 8 the word notifies to notify.  Passed.

New Business:

A resolution of Appreciation for Governor Patton was presented for a first reading.  Grueninger moved to suspend the rules and vote on the resolution today.  Seconded.  Passed.  Resolution passed.

Adjournment: 5:49 pm