Faculty Senate Minutes
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Meeting Minutes

Faculty Senate Minutes

November 1, 2001

 Call to order: 5:13 pm; Riggle Room; ADUC.

 Senators Absent: Wade Cain, Lynne Fitzgerald, William Grise, Wayne Isham, Thomas Kiffmeyer, Lesia Lennex, Randall McCoy, Charles Morgan, Phil Prater, John Secor, James Smallwood, and Capp Yess.

 Minutes: Minutes of October 11, 2001 were approved.  Keyes moved that minutes of October 18, 2001 be returned to the secretary to be amended to include motions related to Pac-34 in ‘their final form and status’ as indicated in Robert’s Rules of Order.  Motion seconded.  Passed.


 Professional Policies: Pac- 34: Alternative Career Track Faculty was presented for a second reading.  The following motions were made:

  1.       Moore/DeMoss: Delete in lines 28/29 [7.0] the sentence: ‘Successful teaching experience is required’.  Passed.

  2.       Dickson/Morgan: Replace lines 67 [beginning with ‘The initial re-classification...’] - 75 with: Creation of Instructor positions, either by creation of new positions or by conversion of tenure-track positions to Instructor positions, shall require the approval of a simple majority of the then-current tenured and tenure-track faculty within the department in addition to the approval of the department chair, the college dean, and the Provost.  When conditions involving time urgency prohibit approval by department faculty, the department chair, the college dean, and the Provost may create a new Instructor position or re-classify a vacant tenure-track position as an Instructor position.  Continuation of the Instructor position beyond one academic year is contingent upon approval by a simple majority of the then-current tenured and tenure-track faculty within the department.  The following friendly amendments were made to the Dickson/Morgan motion:  a) Cain: ‘if a qurum of the department faculty is not present’ be inserted.  Withdrawn. b)  Knoll: ‘Change conversion to temporiarly filling of tenure track’.  Accepted. c)  Keyes ‘Strike create new may hire an instructor’.  Accepted. d)  Foley: ‘Strike from either to comma from line 1'.  Accepted e)  Foley:: ‘Delete after Provost - hire an and change it to ‘create a new instructor position’.  Passed. f) Saxon: ‘Instructor positions, either line item or tenure track positions - at beginning of amendment...’.  Failed.  Dickson/Morgan motion passed as amended.

  3.       Cain: line 44 insert - ‘Instructors and lecturers will be limited to teaching developmental, 100 level, and/or 200 level courses’.  Failed.

  4.       Saxon: beginning on line 47: ‘the total number of non-tenure-track appointments [full-time] within an academic department which does not offer developmental courses [courses numbered below 100-level] shall not exceed twenty-five percent of the total Standing I faculty line positions within that department.  For those departments which offer developmental courses the total number of non-tenure-track appointments [full-time] shall not exceed              percent of the total Standing I faculty line positions for that department. [delete - the percentage of faculty holding non-tenure-track appointments shall not exceed percentages of the total faculty set by appropriate discipline specific accrediting agencies].  The following friendly amendments were made to the Saxon amendment: a) Keyes: put 25 in blank.  Accepted.  b) Secor: would like to see withdrawn.  Not accepted.  Saxon motion failed.

  5.       Foley: Lines 69-73: ‘In the sentence beginning on line 69, strike” ‘The initial re-classification of positions known heretofore as ‘fixed-term’ to Instructor shall be made...’ and insert in their place ‘New Instructor positions shall be created...’.  Withdrawn.


A role call was requested.  The following vote was recorded:


Michael Biel                             Yes

Roland Buck                            No

Wade Cain                               Yes

Ric Caric                                  No

Thomas Creahan                      Yes

Yan Duan                                 Yes

Dale Dickson                            Yes

David Eisenhour                       No

Lynne Fitzgerald                       Yes

Clare Foley                              Yes

Gerd Fricke                              Yes

Wretha Goodpaster                  Yes

William Grise                            Absent

Robert Grueninger                    Yes

Teresa Hardman                       Yes

Ken Henderson                           Yes

Steve Hunt                               Yes

Wayne Isham                           Absent

Larry Keenan                           Yes

Clara Keyes                             Yes

Thomas Kiffmeyer                    No

Tom Kmetz                              Yes

James Knoll                              Yes

Karen Lafferty                          Yes

Lesia Lennex                            Yes

Kathy Lewis                              Yes

Ricky Little                               No

Randall McCoy                        Absent

Charles Morgan                        Yes

Ron Morrison                             Nonvoting chair

Deborah Plum                          Yes

Phil Prater                                Absent

Brent Rogers                            Yes

David Saxon                             No

John Secor                               Yes

James Smallwood                     No

Eric Swank                               No

James Turner                            Yes

Capp Yess                               Absent

Pac-34 passed 25 to 6.



 The following committee nominations were approved: Faculty Promotion [at-large] 2001 - 2002 - Freda Kilbourn, S&T; Intercollegiate Athletics [HUM] 2001 - 2004 - Linda Stevenson [GGH]; Stuident Life - [BUS] 2001 - 2002 - Randall McCoy [FS]; Wellness [BUS] 2001 - 2003 - Ken Henderson [FS]; and Academic Standards & Appeals [BUS] 2001 - 2003 - Haiwook Choi [CIS].

 Adjournment 5:50 pm.