Faculty Senate Minutes
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Meeting Minutes

September 6, 2001

Call to order

4:12 pm; Riggle Room; ADUC.

Senators Absent

Ric Caric, Teresa Hardman, Thomas Kiffmeyer, Randy McCoy, and Charles Morgan.


Minutes of May 3, 2001 were approved as distributed. Minutes of May 8, 2001, were approved with corrections. Minutes of August 23, 2001, were approved as distributed.



Chair Morrison turned the floor over to Roger Barker, Director of Human Resources. Mr. Barker discussed the proposed changes in Health Care for the upcoming year. A question and answer session followed.

Vice President

Vice President Moore discussed the following: 1) Academic Affairs Reorganziation; 2) Action agenda funds; and 3) Council of Postsecondary meeting.

Faculty Regent

Regent Fitzgerald announced the first working session of the Board of Regents would be held September 7, 2001, with the first board meeting to be held September 21, 2001.


The following motions were considered: T(uerk) 10 & 14: Amendment: failed T16: Amendament: failed K(eenan) 1: Amendment: passed P(atrick) 1: Amendment: pulled by Senator Patrick. Senator Keenan moved to table Pac-34: Non-Tenure Track Faculty until the next Faculty Senate meeting. Motion seconded and passed.

Academic Policies

No report.


No report.


No report.

Fiscal Affairs

No report.


The following committee nominations were approved:

International Education Program Advisory Committee - Ali Ahmadi, BUS, ending August 2003; Hilary Iwu, BUS, ending August 2003; Teresa Hardaman, EDUC, ending August 2003; Ron Fiel, S&T, ending August 2003, and Adrian Mandzy, HUM, ending August 2002.

Professional Policies

No report.


Adjournment: 6:00 pm