Faculty Senate Minutes
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Meeting Minutes

August 23, 2001

Call to order

4:11 pm; Riggle Room; ADUC.

Senators Absent

Lloyd Jaisingh, Deborah Plum


Approval of minutes was deferred to the next meeting.

Chair's Report

Out-going Chair Carol Nutter thanked the Senate for the privilege of serving as chair, and expressed her appreciation to last year's Executive Council for their support and hard work. Nutter stressed the importance of the work of Senate committees, and reminded Senators that the function of Faculty Senate is not just to represent faculty concerns to the administration, but to work as part of the university's system of shared governance to improve the university as a whole.  She recognized several senators for their commitment to Faculty Senate, particularly Senators Buck, Kennan, and Rogers for their long-time service to the Senate.

Nutter thanked Vice-President Moore for his openness and willingness to talk with her and work with her, and again thanked Chair-elect Morrison for taking on some duties of chair, such as attending Dean's Council. So saying, she turned the gavel and the meeting over to Chair Ronald Morrison, who presented Nutter with a plaque, and called her a "model chair," who represented the Senate with "good sense, decorum, and intelligence."

Election of Executive Council

Former Senators Karwatka and Haller, representing last year's Governance Committee, ran the election, with the following results: Science and Technology--Wade Cain; Humanities--Larry Keenan; Business--Roland Buck; Education--Lesia Lennex; At-large--Steven Hunt (Business) and John Secor (Humanities). Lesia Lennex was voted Chair-elect.


With business concluded, the meeting was adjourned.