Faculty Senate Minutes
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Meeting Minutes

April 19, 2001

Call to order

4:16 pm; Riggle Room; ADUC

Senators Absent

Don Applegate; Robert Grueninger, Lloyd Jaisingh, Tom Kmetz; Johnny Newsome, Carol Nutter; Charles Patrick; Bill Thompson; and James Turner



Chair-Elect Morrison turned the floor over to Dr. John Modaff who reported on the Faculty Compensation Committee.

Chair elect Morrison reported that Senators with excessive absences had been notified. It was reported that Senator Hunt had appealed his absences and had been reinstated. It was also reported that Senator Eacker had not appealed and therefore a new Senator from the Geography, Government and History Department would be elected to complete her term.

The COSFL Position Paper on University Governance was presented for a second reading. Motion passed unanimously.

The Deans Council meeting discussed the following issues: 1) the Senate's 1996-97 policy regarding limited repeating of classes; 2) Affirmative Action goals and retention; and 3) PAc-34.

Vice President

Vice-president Moore reported Chair's role in PBSI and Teaching Enhancement.

Faculty Regent

No report.


Academic Policies

The following were presented for a first reading: 1) Scholastic Standing Policy; 2) Academic Bankruptcy Policy; 3) Resolution on Funding for Academic Support Services; 4) Resolution on Changes in Academic Programs; 5) Resolution on Evaluation on Instruction; and 6) Resolution on Trial Evaluation Form.


No report.


No report.

Fiscal Affairs

The following were presented for a first reading: 1) Resolution on Benchmark Salaries; 2) Resolution on Salary Compensation; and 3) Resolution on Equipment Budget.

The Resolution on Salary Pool was presented for a second reading. Motion passed unanimously.


The following committee nominations were approved: Library Committee - Thomas Kmetz, LIB; Tenure Committee - Donna Kizzier, BUS; Richard Hunt, S&T; and Paul McGhee, EBS; Academic Program Review - Carol Nutter, LIB; Robert Boram, S&T; and Curtis Hammond, HUM. The following committee nomination for election was passed: Hilary Iwu and a write in from the College of Business.

Professional Policies

The meeting was turned over to Senator Keenan for the duration of this report. Pac-2: Promotion Review was presented for a second reading. Motion passed unanimously. Pac-33: Post-Tenure Review was presented for a second reading. Senator Hudson moved to table until the next meeting. Motion seconded and passed.

Ad hoc Committee on Alternative Career Track for Faculty

A Statement and proposed PAc was presented for a first reading.


5:59 p.m.