Faculty Senate Minutes
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Meeting Minutes

April 5, 2001

Call to order

4:14 pm; Riggle Room; ADUC.

Senators Absent

Don Applegate; Susan Eacker; Lynn Haller; Steve Hunt; Tom Kmetz; Carol Nutter; Deborah Plum; and Bill Thompson.


Approved as corrected.



Chair-Elect Morrison reported on the Deans Council Meeting and Pac-27: Tenure. A COSFL Position Paper on University Governance was presented by the Executive Council for a first reading.

Vice President

Vice-president Moore reported that Morehead State University had been selected as the lead institution to provide adult education in the state. He also reported the Council on Post Secondary Education would be sponsoring a conference May 20-22 on using technology in the classroom.

Faculty Regent

No report.


Academic Policies

Currently working on a local form for evaluation teaching and academic probation.


No report.


Chair reported they were ready to present the results of classroom repair report to the physical plant.

Fiscal Affairs

An information sheet regarding MSU average salaries by rank was provided. Senator Patrick requested the committee submit a resolution regarding salaries.


The following committee nominations were approved:

Academic Standards & Appeals - Michael Cortese, EBS; Phillip Prater, S&T; Jeanie Lee, HUM; Thomas Noland, BUS;

Affirmative Action - (The President to select one) Gerd Fricke and Stephen Eliason;

Employee Benefits - Steven Parkansky, HUM; Gary Flanagan, CCL;

Faculty Promotion - Brian Reeder, S&T; Daniel Fasko, EBS; Steven Hunt, BUS;

Honors - Sylvia Henneberg, HUM; Constance Hardesty, EBS;

Intercollegiate Athletics - Joseph Akpan, EBS; Brenda Malinauskus, at-large; Donna Corley, at large;

Library - Wendell O'Brien, HUM; Thomas Creahan, BUS; Planning - Thomas Creahan, BUS; Michael Biel, HUM;

Professional Development - Michelle Kunz, BUS;

Research & Creative Productions - Ahmad Zaragari, S&T; John Maingi, HUM; Mesghena Yasin, BUS; Gary Austin, CCL; Rebecca Katz, EBS;

Scholarship - Timothy Ashmore, HUM; Laurie Couch, EBS;

Service - Joan Atkins, HUM; Stacy Vollmers, BUS;

Student Disciplinary - Ric Caric, HUM; Clarenda Phillips, EBS;

Student Life - Donald Applegate, S&T; Curtis Hammond, HUM;

Student Media Board - (President Selects one) David Eisenhour, Ronald Skidmore, Dale Dickson;

Teacher Education - Ronald Morrison, Faculty Senate Chair;

Technology Resources (Academic) - Charles Baker-Clark, S&T; Gary Mesa-Gaido, HUM; Lesia Lennex, EBS; James Turner, BUS;

Technology Resources (Administrative) - Robert Royer, S&T;

Undergraduate Curriculum (Academic) - Kathryn Lewis, S&T; Robert Frank, HUM; Seyed Ahmadi, BUS; Daniel Grace, EBS;

Undergraduate Curriculum Curriculum (General Education) - Cynthia Trombino, S&T; Stacy Baker, HUM; Michelle Kunz, BUS; Trey Fitch, EBS;

Wellness - Kenneth Washer, BUS; Ross Owen, EBS; Registration Advisory - Deborah Plum (1 year), HUM; Nancy Landrum, BUS; Judith Stafford, EBS; Nancy Graham (1 year), S&T; Ronald Morrison, Faculty Senate Chair;

Academic Program Review - Bonnie Bailey, BUS; Dean Owen, EBS; Lynn Haller, at large; Edward Breschel, at large.

Elections to be run for the following committees: Faculty Rights and Responsibilities; Graduate; Planning - S&T and EBS.

The chair turned the meeting over to Senator Keenan until after the Professional Policies Report.

Professional Policies

The following was presented for a first reading: Pac-2: Promotion Review and Pac-33: Post-Tenure Review.

Ad hoc Committee on Alternative Career Track for Faculty

Committee will be presenting a proposal for a first reading at the next meeting.