Faculty Senate Minutes
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Meeting Minutes

March 1, 2001

Call to order

4:12 pm; Riggle Room; ADUC.

Senators Absent

Trey Fitch, Lynne Fitzgerald, Joy Gritton, and Steve Hunt.


Approved as distributed.



Chair announced the next meeting of the Faculty Senate would be held in Reed Hall. A handout from the Executive Coucil regarding a proposal for a new category of faculty was discussed. A motion from the Executive Coucil to appoint a committee to look into this matter was passed.

Vice President

Vice-president Moore discussed the following issues: trust fund dollars; center for teaching learning; and SACs issues being addressed.

Faculty Regent

No report.


Academic Policies

Report on input for University evaluation for instructor for Student handbook.


Working with CIS student regarding the Web Page. A deadline of April 25th has been set for work to be completed.


Addressing 59 concerns in nine buildings received from recent survey.

Fiscal Affairs

Discussed finanical aid issues.


University Academic Program Review Committee Proposal was presented for a first reading.

Professional Policies

Resolution on teaching load for new faculty was presented for a second reading. Motion passed.

Pac-27: Tenure Review was presented for a second reading. Motion passed unanimously


5:24 pm.