Faculty Senate Minutes
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Meeting Minutes

February 15, 2001

Call to order

4:12 pm, Riggle Room, ADUC.

Senators Absent

Thomas Creahan, John Ernst, Trey Fitch, Dennis Karwatka, Clara Keyes, Lesia Lennex, John Newsome, Carol Nutter, Eric Swank, and Bill Thompson.


Approved as distributed.

Chair's Report

Chair Elect Morrison conducted the meeting in the absence of Chair Nutter. The following issues were discussed: PT3 Grants, reduced teaching loads for new faculty, National Survey of Student Engagement, and SACs reponse on planning and assessment.

Vice-President Report

The following items were discussed: 2001-02 budget, post council on secondary education meeting, retention, p16 summit, alternative track faculty resolution, and the academic calendar.

Faculty Regent's Report

No report.


Academic Policies

Exploring possible MSU Evaluation Instrument.


No report.


No report.

Fiscal Affairs

No report.


The following committee nominations were approved: Professional Development Committee - Glen Colburn, HUM; and Technology Resources Committee - Gary Austin, LIB.

Professional Policies

With implied consent of body, Senator Keenan replaced Chair Elect Morrison in the conducting of the Senate meeting.

Chair Morrison presented Pac-17: Sabbatical Leave of Absence for a first reading, and moved to suspend the rules and vote on this pac today. Motion seconded and passed. Pac-17 passed unanimously.

Pac-28: Educational Leave of Absence was presented for a first reading. Chair Morrison moved to suspend the rules and vote on this pac today. Motion seconded and passed. Pac-28 passed.

Resolution on Teaching Load for New Faculty was presented for a first reading.

Pac-27: Tenure Review was tabled by the committee unitl the next Senate meeting.

Meeting turned back over to Chair Elect Morrison.


5:14 pm.