Faculty Senate Minutes
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Meeting Minutes

September 21, 2000

Call to Order

4:14 pm; Reed Hall Auditorium.

Senators Absent

Don Applegate, Mattie Burton, Ric Caric, Susan Eacker, Jayne Hudson, and Bill Thompson.


Approved with corrections.

Chair's Report

Chair Nutter gave report.

Vice-President's Report

Vice-President Moore gave report.


Academic Policies

Calendar Resolution was presented for a first reading.


Chair Keyes gave report.


No report.

Fiscal Affairs

Benefits Resolution presented for a first reading.


The following elections results and committee nominations were presented and approved: FACULTY RIGHTS & RESPONSIBILITY COMMITTEE - Roland Buck, BUS; Melinda Willis, EBS; Lindsey Back, HUM; Wade Cain, S&T; GRADUATE COMMITTEE - Stacy Vollmers, BUS; James Knoll, EBS; Paul Taylor, HUM; James Smallwood, S&T; PLANNING COMMITTEE - Bruce Grace, BUS; Lawrence Albert, HUM; Gary Flanagan, LIB; FACULTY PROMOTION COMMITTEE - Kent Freeland, EBS; INTERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETICS COMMITTEE - Rebecca Katz, EBS; INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION PROGRAM ADVISORY COMMITTEE - Dean Fenton, BUS; Victor Ballestero, EBS; Sylvia Henneberg, HUM; Jane Ellington, S&T; PLANNING COMMITTEE - Susanne Rolland, EBS; PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE - Thomas Kmetz, LIB; RESEARCH & CREATIVE PRODUCTIONS COMMITTEE - Gary Austin, LIB; SERVICE COMMITTEE - Ross Owen, EBS; STUDENT MEDIA BOARD - Ron Morrison, FAC; UNDERGRADUATE CURRICULUM COMMITTEE - Ken Henderson, BUS.

Professional Policies

Chair Morrison gave report.


5:15 pm.