Faculty Senate Minutes
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Meeting Minutes

October 7, 2004

Call to Order: 

Call to order:    4:11 pm; Riggle Room; ADUC.

Senators Absent:  David Bissonnette, Cynthia Faulkner, Teresa Hardman, Ken Henderson, Teresa Howell, and Nancy Peterson

Visitors:  Deborah Abell, Tom Creahan

Minutes:  It was noted that Ric Berry and Rachmawati Wangsaputra were both present at the last meeting but had failed to sign in.  Motion from Senate Aagaard to reflect their presence at the last meeting was seconded and passed.  Senator Aagaard moved to approve the minutes as corrected.  Seconded and passed.


Chair’s Report:  A motion to approve Sheri Kidwell as a substitute for Laura Couch was made and approved.  Chair Irons read from Roberts Rules as to what the minutes should entail.

Regent’s Report:  Regent Morgan discussed the progress of the Presidential search.

Senate Actions:

Academic Affairs:  Chair Schack reported the committee was currently working on SACs recommendations and faculty evaluations.

Communications:  Vice Chair Lee reported that the Senate web page would be sporting a new look in the near future.

Fiscal Affairs:  Chair Lindell reported that the Office of Human Resources had recommended a change to the Life Insurance Premium structure with an age-banded premium structure, and that his committee was recommending there be no change for employees who elect this coverage.  Regent Morgan moved to suspend the rules and vote on this today.  Motion seconded and passed. Recommendation passed unanimously.

Chair Lindell reported on the Employee Benefits Committee meeting regarding insurance.  The following recommendations have been submitted to the Vice President of Administrative and Fiscal Services from the Employee Benefits Committee:  1. Co-payments for services and prescriptions should be charged against deductible and/or maximum out of pocket expenses.  2. University should increase its contribution toward HRA accounts.   3. University should increase its percentage of contribution toward premium costs.  4. There should be lower maximum out of pocket amounts for health care and prescription drug plans. 5. Study the development of a wellness program that is tied to health care.  6. Lab testing that is deemed preventive as opposed to diagnostic should be a part of the co-pay for that doctor visit, not co-insurance.

Governance:  The following committee nominations were approved: Karen Bardsley, HUM, Technology Resources Committee; Robert Grueninger, Faculty Promotion; and Ned Breschel, at-large for one year, Academic Program Review Committee.

Professional Policies:  The following were presented as a first reading: Pac-18: Change of Librarian Membership; and a resolution concerning a UAR defining the role of Continuing Education.

Chair Jerde reported on an Energy Conservation Policy.  Senator Buck moved to refer this matter to the Academic Affairs Committee.  Motion seconded and passed.

New Business: 

Senator Rogers moved to support the recommendations from the Employee Benefits Committee.  Seconded and passed. Chair Lindell moved to suspend the rules and vote on this today.  Motion seconded and passed.  Motion to support the Employee Benefits recommendations passed unanimously.


5:38 pm