Faculty Senate Minutes
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Meeting Minutes

October 21, 2004

Call to Order: 

Call to order: 4:11 pm; Riggle Room; ADUC.

Senators Absent: Greg Goldey, William Grise, Terry Irons, Mary Just, Kathy Lewis, and Rachmawati Wangsaputra.

Minutes: Senator Neeper moved to accept the minutes of October 7, 2004.  Motion seconded and passed.


Chair’s Report:  Chair reported the three presidential candidates would be on campus November 8 - 12.  Roger Barker, Director of Human Resources, was introduced.  Mr. Barker answered questions regarding the Health Care Plan for the upcoming year.

Regent’s Report:  Regent Morgan reported on the six presidential semifinalist selected by Board of Regents.  Regent Morgan also gave a brief overview regarding the strengths of the three finalist unanimously selected by the Board.

Senate Actions:

Academic Affairs:  A motion concerning University class attendance was presented for a first reading.

Professional Policies:  The following was presented as a first reading: PG-5: Sexual Orientation and PG-49: Sick Leave.

Senator Schack moved to extend the meeting 15 minutes.  Motion seconded.  Motion failed.  Senator Buck moved to change the order of business and go to new business before finishing Professional Policies report.  Motion seconded and passed.

New Business: 

Senator Schack presented a resolution on the Reporting Structure of the Portable Computing Initiative as a first reading.  Senator Buck moved to suspend the rules and vote on the resolution today.  Motion seconded and passed.  Resolution passed unanimously.


6:00 pm