Faculty Senate Minutes
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Faculty Senate Minutes

January 20, 2005

Call to Order:

Call to order: 4:15 pm; Riggle Room; ADUC.

Senators absent: Lola Aarraard, William Grise’, and Calvin Lindell.

Guest: President Andrews; Vice President for Planning, Budgets & Technology Patrick; and Dr. Deborah Abell, Associate Vice President, Undergraduate Programs.

Minutes: Senator Neeper moved to approve the minutes with the following correction: under Fiscal Affairs Committee change withdrew to withdrawn.  Motion seconded and passed.


Chair’s Report:  Chair Irons reported on the following items: 1) Program Review; 2) equivent course credit from the International Baccalaureate Program; and 3) budgets.

Vice President Patrick presented a presentation regarding MSUnpluged.  Questions and answers followed.

Senate Actions:

Academic Policies:  A Resolution Reading MSU Philosophy on Teaching Assessment was presented for a first reading.

Fiscal Affairs:  A handout regarding Distribution of Merit Shares was provided and discussed.

Professional Policies:  Chair Jerde reported that since PSNE 5 had been presented and passed by the Board of Regents before the senate had conducted a second reading the committee was withdrawing the motion.

A resolution concerning Professional Policies submitted to the Board of Regents prior to Faculty Senate consideration was presented and would be voted on today.  Senator Buck moved to send it back to the committee in order to have stronger language.  The committee did not accept the friendly motion.  Motion passed unanimously as submitted.

New Business:

A request to form an ad hoc committee to deal with number 5 of the SACS 2000 recommendation was presented to the senate.  Senator Fricke moved to allow the Executive Council of the Faculty Senate to form a committee for this purpose.  Motion seconded and passed.


5:58 pm