Faculty Senate Minutes
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Meeting Minutes

April 15, 2004

Call to Order: 

Call to order: 4:15 pm; Riggle Room; ADUC. 

Senators Absent: Ric Berry, Haiwook Choi, Noel Earl, Steve Eliason, Terry Irons, Thomas Kmetz, Jason Vance, Wesley White, and Troy Wistuba. 

Minutes: Minutes of March 18, 2004, were approved with the following changes: Under Governance Report - it should read that David Bartlett, was placed on the Promotion Committee for the remainder of the vacant term.  Minutes of April 1, 2004, were approved as written. 


Chair’s Report: Chair Creahan reported on the following: 1] Deans Council meeting; 2] update regarding the Senate Newsletter and ballots; 3] committee minutes not being received in the Senate office.  All committees were asked to please send a copy of their minutes.; and 4] summer meetings. 

Provost Report: Dr. Moore addressed the senate regarding tuitition. 

Regent’s Report: Regent Morgan announced the next Board of Regents meeting would be held April 26, 2004. 

Academic Policies: Chair Schack reported the committee was working on teacher evaluations and IDEA forms. 

Evaluation: Chair DeMoss reported the committee was completing it’s work on PBSI and FEPs.

Senate Actions:

Governance Committee:  The following senators were elected to the Planning Committee: Charles Morgan and Darrin DeMoss.

The following committee nominations were approved: Academic Standards and Appeals - Marcia Cooper - S&T; Kathryn Carlson - HUM; Mesghena Yesin - BUS; Richard Hunt - at-large; Sean Reilley - at-large.  Campus Environment Team/Affirmative Action Committee - Ron Spangler - at-large.  Employee Benefits - Rosemary Carlson - BUS.  Faculty Promotion - Donna Everett - BUS; Lynn Fitzgerald - EDU; Bob Boram - S&T.  Faculty Rights & Responsibilities - Wretha Goodpaster - S&T; Rebecca Katz - HUM; Mesgena Yesin - BUS; David Olson - at-large; James Knoll - EDU.  Graduate - [Election to be held] - Sean Reilley/Charles Patrick - S&T; Julie Gawn/Joy Gritton - HUM; Jim Turner/Tom Creahan - BUS; Tim Miller/James Knoll - EDU; Carol Nutter - Librarian.  Honors - Shari Kidwell - S&T; Ahmad Hassan - BUS.  Intercollegiate Athletics - Clarenda Phillips - HUM; Julie Hypes - EDU.  Library - Jennifer Birriel - S&T; Ron Skidmore - EDU; Pam Anderson - Librarian.  Planning Committee - [Election to be held] - Joan Atkins/Robert Royer - HUM; Michael Harford/Hillary Iwu - BUS; Carol Nutter/Gary Flanagan - Librarian.  Professional Development - Allen Risk - S&T; Jennifer Dearson - EDU; Clara Potter - Librarian.  Research and Creative Productions - Ilsun White - S&T; Sarah Morrison - HUM; Richard Berry - BUS; Dean Owen - EDU; Diane Haleman - EDU.  Scholarship - Laurie Couch - S&T; Ed Harris - BUS.  Service - Lynn Haller - S&T; Mee Ryoung Shon - EDU.  Student Disciplinary - Lucy Mays - S&T; Sam Natatai - BUS.  Student Life - Peggy Osborne - BUS; Sam Wright - EDU.  Student Media Board - Stacey Baker, Shondrah Nash, David Bissonette (President selects one).  Technology Resources - Chien-Chih Peng - BUS; Scott Rundell S&T; Lesia Lennex - EDU.  Tenure - Vivian Cyrus - S&T; Ken Henderson, BUS; Karen Lafferty - EDU.  Undergraduate Curriculum - Academic Programs Subcommittee - Mary Just - at-large; Sean O’Keefe - at-large; Annie Adams - at-large; Michael Hypes - at-large.  Undergraduate Curriculum - General Education Subcommittee - Roland Buck - at-large; Judith Stafford - at-large; Shondrah Nash - at-large; Richard Hunt - at-large.  Wellness - Roma Prindle - HUM; Jeff Fannin - S&T.  Academic Program Review - Brent Rogers - S&T; Robert Prichard - HUM; Yan Duen - at-large. 

Professional Policies:  The Family Medical Leave Act Pool UAR was presented as a first reading.

Guest Presentation: Dr. Adam Kantrovich gave a demonstration on Tablet PC’s.


5:57 pm