Faculty Senate Minutes
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Faculty Senate Minutes
February 7, 2008 

Call to Order:

Call to order: 4:13 pm; Riggle Room; ADUC.

Senators Absent:  Ali Ahmadi, Wayne Isham, Greg Penner, Brenda Wilburn, Greg Wing

Senator Rogers informed the members that John Warber resigned from the University.

Visitor:  Brian Gay, President, SGA

Minutes:  Chair Jerde thanked Senator Mike Wallace for recording the minutes of January 17, 2008, in the absence of the Senate Secretary.  Senator Breschel moved to approve the minutes of January 17, 2008, as submitted.  Motion passed.

Chair Jerde introduced Brian Gay who provided the Senators with information regarding two upcoming student events.  Listen-Up Legislators will provide an opportunity for students to submit emails or letters to their representatives.  Listen-Up Legislators will be held in ADUC on February 12 & 18, 2008.  The Rally for Higher Education will provide students an opportunity to meet with legislators in Frankfort.  The Rally for Higher Education will be held in Frankfort on February 20, 2008.  Mr. Gay asked the faculty to excuse students from class who participate in the Rally for Higher Education.

Committee Review:

Academic Policies:  No Report

Communications:  At the beginning of the meeting on February 21, 2008, the University Photographer will take a picture of the members for the Senate Web page

Evaluation:  Committee is continuing to review FEP's; Cathy Thomas is overseeing a work group with the Provost to review PBSI so the Evaluation committee will discontinue review of PBSI; University survey will be conducted again this year

Fiscal Affairs:  Committee feels that maternity leave should be eligible for the Sick Leave Pool and will communicate this to the Benefits Committee

Governance:  Will have items in the regular meeting  

Professional Policies:  Reviewing PAc-27 with the intention of presenting a revised draft to the Senate the first meeting in March


Chairs Report:

  • Chair Jerde reported the sad news of the death of Senator Wayne Isham.  The Department of Military Science set up a scholarship fund as a memorial to Wayne Isham.  Chair Jerde encouraged the Senators to consider a donation to the scholarship fund.
  • The Provost and the President concurred with Senate Resolution 5.16 regarding the Pass/Fail Option. 

Provosts Report:

  • The Cabinet is in discussion regarding the budget.  No decisions have been made at this time.  The emphasis is not on across the board cuts, but to make decisions that will not destroy the core operation and purpose of the University.  The Cabinet agreed that General Education Redesign and the Academic Audit will proceed as scheduled.
  • The Provost presented to the Cabinet the option of discontinuing the use of the IDEA survey at a cost of $20,000 per year and replacing it with the CLASSE survey which is free.  The Cabinet agreed.  FEP’s will have to be revised accordingly.
  • An audit process of the non-academic units in Academic Affairs and the non-academic units across campus has begun. 

A member asked if the faculty would receive a raise this year.  The Provost stated that the Cabinet is discussing various options to deal with the reduction in the budget, but no recommendations have been made at this time. 

A Senator suggested that if a decision was made to give faculty a very small across the board raise (1% or 2%), which after taxes would amount to very little take home pay, that faculty be given the option of having the amount of money placed in a dedicated, recurring fund for academic professional activity.  The Provost appreciated the suggestion and encouraged the members to submit any other suggestions to her. 

Chair Jerde stated that President Andrews will attend the Senate meeting on February 21, 2008, to provide the members with information on the budget review. 

Regents Report:

  • Regent Irons received a copy of a resolution from the chair of the Faculty Senate at the University of Louisville that was passed by the Senate regarding the proposed budget cuts to postsecondary education.
  • Regent Irons provided the members with statistics from a 15 year analysis of trends with respect to employment at the University that he conducted and reported on during the first meeting President Andrews attended after coming to the University.  Regent Irons will reconstruct the report and make it available to the members at the next meeting.  

Senate Actions: 


  • The committee recommended Karen Baker be re-appointed to the Research and Creative Productions Committee.  Recommendation passed.
  • The committee presented the revised Intercollegiate Athletics Committee Description for a second reading.  The members approved the revised description. 

New Business:  

  • Senator Patrick provided the members with the following list of revisions being considered to PAc-27:
    • Clarify the role of mentors
    • Add a College level tenure committee
    • Change the role of the University level tenure committee to only hear arbitration cases
    • Add guidelines under each category (teaching, professional achievement and service) for minimum documentation to be included in a portfolio
  • Regent Irons provided the Senators with a copy of a resolution passed by the Faculty Senate of the University of Louisville regarding the proposed budget cuts to postsecondary education for a first reading.  Regent Irons moved that, in some revised form, Morehead State University’s Faculty Senate express a similar statement with respect to the proposed budget cuts.  Senator Buck seconded the motion.  

Regent Irons moved to table the submission of a resolution regarding the proposed budget cuts to postsecondary education and send the University of Louisville resolution to Fiscal Affairs for revision appropriate to the circumstance at Morehead State University to be presented at the next regular meeting.  Motion was seconded.  Motion passed. 


  • Focus groups are scheduled to begin Friday and continue next week with the General Education Faculty Advisory Committee.  The schedule is on the web at:  www2.moreheadstate.edu/greatness.

Adjournment:  5:15 pm.