Faculty Senate Minutes
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Faculty Senate Minutes

November 16, 2006


Call to Order:

Call to order: 4:12 pm; Riggle Room; ADUC.

Senators Absent:  Pamela Colyer, Teame Ghirmay, Jason Holcomb, Wayne Isham, Beverly Klecker, Monica Magner, Granuaile O’Flanagan, Dean Owen, Greg Wing

Visitors:  Dr. Deborah Abell (representing Dr. Moore), Dr. Bruce Mattingly

Minutes:  Senator Neeper moved to approve the minutes of November 2, 2006, as submitted.  Motion passed.

Chair’s Report:

  • Chair Lindell read President Andrews’ response to:
    A Resolution that the Nine-Month Pay Option be Reinstated for Faculty on Nine-Month Contracts
    A Resolution Calling for Adherence to Official University Policy
    • “The decision to move from allowing faculty members to choose the frequency of receiving payment for services to a standardized payroll distribution for all faculty and staff members was made in conjunction with the transition from the AIMS system to Datatel Colleague. The payroll frequency was reviewed by the conversion Steering Committee, which consists of faculty and staff representatives, in consideration of best practices in place at colleges and universities and the structure of the Datatel Colleague system. The Steering Committee made the recommendation to the Cabinet and, after discussing, the Cabinet members endorsed the change.
    • The change in payroll frequency does not result in the University getting an interest free loan from faculty members.
    • The Senate has taken the position that this constitutes a matter of faculty compensation and benefits, and therefore the Senate should have had the opportunity to review prior to adoption is a matter of interpretation. I would suggest that this does not affect the determination of compensation or benefits, but rather is a change in the frequency of payroll disbursement.”

Dr. Moore does not concur with the Resolution That the Nine-Month Pay Option Be Reinstated for Faculty on Nine-Month Contracts, passed by the Faculty Senate, based on the above comments by President Andrews.  Committee discussion followed.

  • Reports from the Strategic Enrollment Task Force are available for review and comments on the web at www2.moreheadstate.edu/semp.  A subcommittee of the Strategic Enrollment Task Force is compiling a survey for faculty and a survey for students regarding scheduling (academic calendar).  The Faculty Senate will be involved in providing suggestions for the academic calendar.
  • President Andrews created a task force to review student success.  Some of the issues related to student success that will be addressed are:
    • the week prior to finals week (dead week)
    • reading day
    • fall break
      Senate Chair Lindell is chairing the President’s task force.  Recommendations are to be made by Spring Break 2007, to be implemented in the fall, 2007.  Suggestions from this task force will be brought to the Senate through Academic Policies.

Provost’s Report:  No Report

Regent’s Report: 

  • The Board of Regents conducted a work session today, November 16, 2006.  Two items addressed were:
    • Preliminary report on the Regional Stewardship Proposal
    • Tuition schedule for 2007-2008
      The CPE allows the regional institutions to increase tuition for 2007-2008 no more than 9.5%.  The current proposal for in-state resident students is an increase of 8.4%, from $2,435 to $2,640, which includes the $35 recreation fee, for a net increase of $170.  Out of state non-resident tuition will be 1.25% of the in-state rate or $3300.  There will be a student forum in December to discuss the proposal.  The Board will vote on the proposal on December 7, 2006.
  • The Regional Stewardship Proposal will be submitted by the end of the year.  The Advisory Council has been created.  The organizational positions are being reviewed.  The infrastructure for Regional Stewardship will be addressed in the first year, to include an administrator at the Associate Provost level to oversee the program.  One full time staff person (Coordinator of Service Learning and Volunteerism) will be added and five current faculty positions will be redefined as 50% teaching and 50% re-assigned to serve as a director for an outreach component.

Senate Actions:

Senator Wallace moved to suspend the rules and bring the Intellectual Property Policy to the floor.  Motion passed.  Regent Irons stated that the intent of the administration is to present the Intellectual Property Policy to the Board of Regents for approval on December 7, 2006.

Chair Lindell stated that this is the first reading of the Intellectual Property Policy.  The second reading will be at a special called meeting on December 5, 2006.  Chair Lindell stated that Dr. Mattingly graciously agreed to answer any questions or address any concerns by the members and provide clarification.

Dr. Mattingly provided the members with a brief background of the development of the Intellectual Property Policy.  At the Intellectual Property Subcommittee meeting in September, the intent was to revise the document in accordance with the faculty concerns raised during the spring semester.  The final draft was completed in November and submitted to the President, the Cabinet, Faculty Senate, and Staff Congress.  The President requested the policy be presented to the Board of Regents in December.

A question and answer session followed.  Regent Irons stated that ownership of Intellectual Property is clarified in Section III, Part C.  The definitions of Scope of Employment and Substantial Use of University Resources are also essential revisions in the final draft.  Chair Lindell encouraged the members to share the policy with their colleagues. Chair Lindell reminded the members that the second reading of the Intellectual Property Policy will be at a special called Senate meeting on December 5, 2006, in Breckinridge 302.  Chair Lindell will ask the Provost to provide the Intellectual Property Policy to all faculty via mass email.  Dr. Mattingly will be happy to address any concerns. 

Professional Policies:

  • A Resolution Regarding Departmental FEPs was presented.  A member suggested a collective page of the links to the PDF files of each Departmental FEP be developed and included on the Senate webpage.  Senator Wallace moved to close discussion and vote.  Motion passed.

Fiscal Affairs:

  • A Resolution on Health Care Benefits Information was presented.  After discussion, Senator Wallace moved to close discussion and vote.  Motion passed.
  • A Resolution on Optional Retirement Plan (ORP) was presented.  Senator Wymer suggested changing paragraph three to read:  And Whereas the University contribution amount has decreased over the past six years from 10.76% to a present rate of 4.41%.  Senator Buck suggested changing paragraph nine to read:  And be it further resolved that faculty switching from the ORP to KTRS should be allowed to buy in for the years of service at MSU that they were not in KTRS by paying the difference between what they would have paid in and what the University would have paid in, had they been in KTRS and what the University actually paid in for them, plus earnings.  Senator Wallace moved to close discussion and vote.  Motion passed.

Academic Policies:  No Report

Communication:  E-zine should be available on the Web Site soon.

Evaluation:  No Report

Governance Committee:  No Report


  • Tickets are on sale for the Madrigal Feaste.  The net proceeds go to the Caudill College of Humanities to support students.  One-half of the cost is tax deductible.

Adjournment:  5:20 pm.