Faculty Senate Minutes
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Faculty Senate Minutes

November 2, 2006


Call to Order:

Call to order: 4:12 pm; Riggle Room; ADUC.

Senators Absent:  Marcia Cooper, Teame Ghirmay, Michael Harford, Dean Owen, Christopher Schroeder, Michael Wallace

Minutes:  Senator Breschel moved to approve the minutes of October 19, 2006, as submitted.  Motion passed.


Chair’s Report:

  • Chair Lindell explained the distribution of faculty salary increases for 2007.  Member discussion followed.

Provost’s Report:

  • During the meeting of October 19, 2006, the Senate approved a revised UAR for the Academic Calendar which changed the date that semester grades are to be submitted to the Registrar to no earlier than noon on the second full working day after the last scheduled university examination day.  The Provost discussed the revised UAR with the Registrar and the Dean of Undergraduate Studies who is responsible for providing information to students who are placed on probation or dismissed.  The UAR, as it is written, does not provide enough time at the end of the fall semester to notify students who are on probation for the spring semester or have been dismissed.  The Provost is forwarding the UAR to the President without his support for the above noted reason.

A Senator asked about the resolutions regarding the nine-month pay option and adherence to University Policy.  The resolution regarding the nine-month pay option was forwarded to the President with no recommendation.  The resolution regarding adherence to University Policy has been forwarded to the Provost’s office.

Regent’s Report: 

  • The Board of Regents work session will be held on November 16, 2006.  A range of tuition increases for 2007-2008 will be discussed.
  • The Board of Regents meeting for action will be December 7, 2006.         

Senate Actions:

Fiscal Affairs: No Report

Academic Policies:  No Report

Communication:  No Report

Evaluation:  No Report

Governance Committee:

  • The committee recommended Annie Adams, Caudill College of Humanities, to a one-year appointment (2006-2007) on the Research and Creative Productions Committee, due to a current member's resignation.  Recommendation passed.

Professional Policies:

  • The committee is reviewing the 74 responses received on facilitate.com regarding tenure and promotion.  The chair reported that consistent comments are being seen in the responses, many of which are concerned with the evaluation process i.e., how the process is being conducted.  The committee anticipates conducting faculty forums this semester to discuss possible changes.


  • Senator Isham stated that MSU’s Senior Cadets, Nicky Martin, Kevin Cory, Devin McCane, Anthony Cimmerollo, Whitney Lee, and Michael Cronin, received the Best Leadership Trophy for ROTC Brigade for all schools in Kentucky and Ohio at Warrior Forge.
  • A Senator stated that the Program Review Committee is reviewing the General Education Curriculum and suggested that the Senate combine efforts with them to complete this task.  The Provost stated that he discussed the resolution regarding the General Education Curriculum with the Dean's Council.  The Dean's Council supports the resolution.  The chair of the General Education Committee will recommend that the committee create a campus-wide task force to review the General Education Curriculum.  The following are suggestions for the task force:
    • Structure to be only faculty and students, not administrators
    • Members with enough experience to make wise decisions
    • Provide Faculty Senate an opportunity to evaluate the findings of the task force and make recommendations
    • Provide faculty an opportunity to review and vote on recommendations 
  • The 1st Annual Appalachian Festival of Faith will be held today at the Morehead Conference Center.
  • The University Bowling team steak dinner is today.

Adjournment:  4:40 pm.