Faculty Senate
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Governance Committee

The Governance Committee is concerned with University committees, University governace, and faculty representation. It has specific concerns with, but is not limited to, the following areas:

  • Structure, membership, and responsibilities of University Standing and Advisory Committees.
  • Structure of the University, including the Division of Academic Affairs.
  • Conducting the election of Faculty Senators (See ARTICLE TWO, Sections 1, 2, and 3)
  • Conducting any special elections required by the Senate.
  • Nomination of faculty members for all University Standing and Advisory committees that have faculty representation.
  • Conducting the election of senators to the Executive Council at the first regularly scheduled Faculty Senate meeting in the fall. (To be conducted by the remaining members of the previous year's Governance Committee. See ARTICLE FOUR, Section 4. If less than three members from the previous Governance Committee are available then additional senators will be appointed by the Senate Chair as needed to conduct the election of the Executive Council.).



CHAIR:  David Butz (CCAHSS) 

Jacklynn Darling (CST)
Donna Everett (CBPA)
Julia Hypes (CBPA)
Becky Katz (HUM)
Brian Mason (CCAHSS)
Sandra Reigle (COE)
Brent Rogers (CST)
Itzá Zavala-Garrett (CCAHSS)