Faculty Senate
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The Academic Issues is concerned with policies and regulations that affect faculty effectiveness and instructional effectiveness. Specific areas of concern include:

  • Admission
  • Registration
  • Academic integrity
  • Classroom conditions
  • Evaluation of instructional effectiveness
  • Graduation requirements
  • General education
  • Specific academic problems, e.g., Honors Program, provisional studies, Extended Campus Programs, etc.
  • Academic calendar issues
  • Student regulations


CHAIR: Ritta Abell (CCAHSS)

Karla Aleman (LIB)
Lori Baruth (CCAHSS) 
Noel Earl (HUM)
Dan Grace (COE) 
Russ May (S&T) 
Steven Reid (EASS) 
Chad Rogers (S&T)
Dayna Seelig (S&T)