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Catherine Hurst
            Tracey Standafer  



Two students from the Morehead State University TRiO Talent Search I program were awarded scholarships at the 2013 Spring KAEOPP meeting held at Tom Sawyer State Park in Louisville, KY. Catherine Hurst from Powell County High School and Tracey Standafer from Morgan County High School were each awarded $350 KAEOPP scholarships.

According to kaeopp.org, KAEOPP (The Kentucky Association of Educational Opportunity Program Personnel) is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to helping disadvantaged students of all ages. Our students, (2/3 of the students), typically come from lower income households where no one had previously completed a college degree. Our commitment is simple: to help students who normally wouldn't achieve great things through education do just that. After we serve our students they are successful individuals who make a difference in their communities. We are proud to serve each student and are eager to serve many more. Most Talent Search students join our program in 6th grade and we have the privilege of working with these students until they graduate from high school.

Catherine Hurst was awarded the KAEOPP Learner’s Scholarship. This scholarship is based on the student’s grade point average, ACT score, and an essay entitled “How My Involvement in Educational Talent Search Has Assisted Me in Preparation for College Success and Success in Life”. Students were also judged based on their leadership/school activities/community volunteer work, honors and awards, and recommendation letters.

Tracey Standafer was awarded the KAEOPP Susan Adams Scholarship. The main focus of this scholarship is leadership, involvement and service. An essay on someone who they consider to be a leader, leadership/school activities/community volunteer work, academics, honors and awards and recommendations are what the student is

judged on. This scholarship is named for Susan Adams who was a Talent Search director at Western Kentucky University for many years. She served as president of KAEOPP, with serving TRiO students as her ultimate professional goal. She served as a mentor to many TRiO professionals. Susan Adams was severely injured in a car accident while traveling home from one of her Talent Search schools. When it became evident that she would not be able to return to active work, KAEOPP wanted to recognize her leadership and service and created this scholarship in her name.

Congratulations to Catherine Hurst and Tracey Standafer for being awarded these KAEOPP Scholarships! Their hard work and dedication to school and their community has paid off! Good luck to Cati and Tracey as they pursue their degrees at Morehead State University!