Environmental Health & Safety
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SPCC Online Training

All MSU oil handling employees are required to participate in Oil Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure training annually.  Please view and complete the steps below.  Upon completion of Step 2, the SPCC training database will be updated, and employees will have successfully completed the SPCC training. 


To launch the SPCC training presentation select the  SPCC Training link below, and then (1) select open, (2) click on Slide Show on the command ribbon at the top of the screen, and (3) select the play icon in the Start Slide Show section.  To stop the slide show at any time press the Esc key on the top row of your key board.  Note:  Volume adjustment may be necessary, audio included in training presentation.


The Instructor for this workshop is Agnes Manley, Compliance Officer.

Step 1

Step 2