Environmental Health & Safety
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Morehead State University is currently developing a campus-wide emergency business continuity plan which takes into account the individual plans of the entire campus. The MSU Emergency Business Continuity Plan will ensure the continuance of critical campus functions, systems, and services when a disruption to campus operations occurs for any reason, including a major or protracted infrastructure failure, failure in a supply chain, or after a disaster or other emergency situation. It is different from the existing Emergency Operation Plan, in that it does not focus directly on life safety, but rather on how to continue or resume key university business and instructional functions.

The Emergency Business Continuity Planning Task Force will develop a common template to be used to document key information (i.e., staff contact information, lines of succession, critical functions, critical function recovery procedures, vital records and assets) within individual divisions in order to ensure the campus’ ability to recover from a disruption. 

Please follow the links below to access Emergency Business Continuity Plan information.