Environmental Health & Safety
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Safety Tips

Inherently, hazards exist when working with or around electricity, please;

  • Do not use equipment with frayed cords or exposed wiring,
  • Do not overload circuits,
  • Do not handle any electrical connections with wet hands or near water,
  • Do not bypass any safety device on electrical equipment,
  • Do not use electrical equipment, such as hot plates or coffee pots, near flammable solvents,
  • To promote safety, DO report any unsafe wiring you see and have repairs made by qualified persons.

If you need electrical repairs or to report wiring in an unsafe condition, call Facilities Management Work Control at 3-2147.


In case of a fire, please;

  • Do report any fires, don't assume someone else will call,
  • Do activate the nearest alarm station.  Know their locations!,
  • Do evacuate the building,
  • DO NOT use elevators.  Elevators can be dangerous in a fire, even when they appear safe,
  • DO NOT arbitrarily break windows.  Falling glass is a serious threat to people below and may contribute to the spread of fire,
  • DO NOT go back into a building until it is declared safe by the Fire Department or Public Safety,
  • DO NOT congregate in the doorways or exits after exiting the building.  These areas MUST be kept clear,
  • DO NOT panic, remain calm.  If you can not get out of your area, try the phones to let Public Safety know where you are and your situation.  Unless there is a catastrophic event, phones will usually remain operational for quite a while during a fire situation.

If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact Harry Gunn.