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Updated 3/7/14
Kelsey Cook
Siqi Xie

EagleCard's can be
picked up between
8 am - 4:30 pm
EagleCard Office
ADUC, room 107

If you find a lost EagleCard
please return it to the
EagleCard Office.

Log onto your
EagleCard ONLINE
account to deactivate your lost card.  If you find your EagleCard, you will need to stop by the EagleCard Office to reactivate it.

EagleCard Online also provides access to account
balances, history's,
add BeakerBUCKs, plus more...

EagleCard  NEWS!
(Updated regularly)

EagleCard Home

SOARS 2014

SOAR dates for 2014:  April 17, 18 - June 4, 6, 17, 19 - July 15.  During your SOAR session we will take your photo for your EagleCard ID immediately after you check in.  NO hats, head covering, sunglasses, etc.  Students may pick up their ID in the ADUC lobby beginning at 1:30 pm the day of SOAR to take with them.  Please remember to bring your free EagleCard ID back to campus in the fall.  A replacement ID is $20.  Students and parents will also have the opportunity to select meal plans, talk to USbank and much more during the day as well.  Can't wait to see you there.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.



The EagleCard Office is still working very hard to establish an off campus merchant program where students and employees can use their BeakerBUCKs accounts to make purchases.  Currently there are multiple locations that have signed up. 

Holbrook Drugs



CLICK HERE for details....

Use your EagleCard as U.S. Bank debit card at
the University Bookstore!

The University Bookstore now accepts EagleCard ID's not only for BeakerBUCKs payments and Fin. Aid verifications, but also as a pin based debit card.  This service is available for students and employees who have their EagleCard ID activated for use with their U.S. Bank Checking Account.  Please check our U.S. Bank page for more info or you can contact the EagleCard Office at 606-783-2701. 

On campus locations accepting BeakerBUCKs!!!!

We have been working hard to enhance the convenience and functionality of the BeakerBUCKs all-in-one account on campus.  New locations accepting BeakerBUCKs...

NEW - Caudill Health Clinic - Allie Young
NEW - Rec. & Wellness Center

AAC Basketball Concessions
Jayne Stadium Concessions
Camden-Carroll Library Circulation Desk
MSU Document Center - Allie Young

Other current locations... Over 200...
Food Services
Universtiy Bookstore
Cashiers Window in Howell-McDowell
Laundry - Now open use.  BeakerBUCKs not required.
Computer Lab Printers

There are other locations being evaluated at this time. If you have a suggestion for an on-campus location, let us know by contacting the EagleCard Office located in ADUC.

EC Online small

The EagleCard Office is proud to announce that it is even easier to access your EagleCard information through EagleCard ONLINE. “EagleCard ONLINE”, a secure and convenient web based service was established to help students, parents and Faculty/Staff  manage their Meal Plan, Flex Dollar, and BeakerBUCKs accounts.  No longer will patrons be required to "set up" a seperate login.  Just log in to your my.moreheadstate.edu portal, select the WebAdvisor Icon, click the EagleCard ONLINE link.  Once the EagleCard ONLINE page is open just re-enter your portal login and EagleCard ONLINE will open.  This will give you access to check account balances, look up a six month history, deactivate a lost card, and add value in real time to an existing BeakerBUCKs account using a credit card.  Parents do not need the login to make a deposit, just the students ID # and online deposits are completed within 15 seconds, which means that money is available for immediate use at any on campus flyBUY location.  These are just some of the useful functions currently available through EagleCard ONLINE.  There are other items, both currently available and being implemented to help personalize accounts to suit individual needs.  Check it out at www2.moreheadstate.edu/eaglecard.

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact the EagleCard Office at 606-783-2701, e-mail us at eaglecard@moreheadstate.edu, or stop by our office in room 107 ADUC.