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Dining Services


TheEagleCard ID can be used at all dining service locations on campus, including P.O.D. C-Store in Alumni Tower, Starbuck's and Java City in CCL. Funds for the University’s food service plans are online and are accessed by the contactless flyBUY portion of the EagleCard.

For Students

Requirements for both the meal plans and dining club accounts are dependent on student status, on-campus housing, age and marital status.  See Mandatory Housing/Dining Policy, Office of Housing.

Freshman - 0-29 credit hours must enroll in a Meal Plan
Sophomore - 30-59 credit hours must enroll in a Meal Plan or $500 Required Dining Club
Jr/Sr/Grad - 60 or more credit hours, Optional

Dining Services at Morehead State University offers many options to suit the many needs of all University students. They offer 8 Meal Membership variations. 6 are for on campus students and 2 are for commuters only. Also available to all students is the optional all in one BeakerBUCKs account that can be used at all Dining Services locations.

For Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff may purchase an employee BeakerBUCKs package.  By participating, faculty and staff receive a discount every time they use their BeakerBUCKs account at any dining location on campus.  Visit the EagleCard Office, rm 107, ADUC, for more information or visit the EagleCard ONLINE website via my.moreheadstate portal so that you may add BeakerBUCKs online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.