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ID/Door Access Card:

The EagleCard ID is the official Morehead State University (MSU) photo identification card.  For your convenience, your 7-digit student number is an integral part of the card and is printed in a shaded box on the card.  You will need your EagleCard when visiting the University's Camden-Carroll Library, Cashiers Window, Student Health Services, the Wellness Center, University Bookstore, Laughlin Health Building, and at any University sponsored function such as athletic events, concerts, and Theatre productions.

In an effort to help make MSU the most secure campus it can be,  the main entrance doors on all Residence Halls now have card access utilizing the magnetic stripe on the ID.  All on-campus residential students will now access their assigned Residence Hall using their current/active EagleCard ID.  Along with the on-line access control system will be video surveillance and exterior ground floor door monitoring.  This function is programmed and managed by the Office of Housing.  All replacements for lost/stolen/damaged cards will need to be activated at the Housing office after they are printed.  For more information please contact Housing at 606-783-2060.

Also, there is CONTACTLESS door access via your EagleCard ID HID chip to the main computer labs located on the ground floor of Fields Hall and on the 1st floor of Ginger Hall.  This function is programmed and managed by the University's Information Technology department.  For questions and for more information please contact the Technology Service Center located in 108 Lloyd Cassity building at 606-783-9090 or Information Technology at 606-783-9000.

Be sure to always carry your EagleCard where ever you go on campus because it is the photo identification that is accepted campus wide.  Never loan your EagleCard to anyone else.  It is non-transferable and only you may use your card.  If you knowingly let someone else use it, the card can be confiscated and both individuals are subject to disciplinary action.  Whether you are a resident or commuter student, Faculty or Staff, your EagleCard is the key to campus living.

How to Get your EagleCard:  New / Transfer / Lost / Stolen / Damaged

All students and F/S are required to have an EagleCard ID, so we've made it easy to get one and your 1st one is FREE.  For both current STUDENTS and active FACULTY/STAFF, simply visit the EagleCard Office to have your photo taken.  (Be sure to bring a current photo identification such as a driver's license or passport for your EagleCard to be processed.)  Your EagleCard will be ready in minutes.  If you are a new student participating in a mass orientation such as the summer SOAR's, you will be notified of a time and place to pick up your EagleCard.

EagleCard Office Hours and Location:

Monday through Friday    8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Room 107, Adron Doran University Center (ADUC)

New/Transfer Student EagleCards:

Your first EagleCard is FREE.  Please use extreme care with your EagleCard to ensure that it's not lost or damaged.  You should treat your EagleCard with the same care as you would any debit/credit card.

Lost/Stolen and Damaged EagleCards:
Prices are for students, faculty and staff

Lost/Stolen = $20 replacement fee
Damaged = $10 replacement fee (damaged card must be turned in at time of production and payment)
In the event your card is lost or stolen, check the lost card list on the EagleCard News page for your name.  If your name is listed there your EagleCard has been turned in to the EagleCard Office and can be picked up by the card holder during regular office hours, 8 am - 4:30 pm, M-F.  If your name is not listed, login to your EagleCard ONLINE secure web account to deactivate your card or notify the EagleCard Office immediately to have your card deactivated.  If you deactivate your card online, you will need to come to the EagleCard Office to reactivate it for your accounts.  A deactivated card holds the Meal, Dining and BeakerBUCKs privileges.  If you have a U.S. Bank Eagle Checking account you must contact U.S. Bank at 1-800-627-7827 or 784-6287 to put a hold on your account.  This will secure the funds in these accounts until you are issued a new EagleCard.  These accounts will be transferred to your new EagleCard.

How to Keep Your EagleCard ID SAFE!:

Your MSU EagleCard ID has value so it is important to take care of it properly.
Below is a list of suggestions to help prevent damage and to keep it safe.

     Please do not:
     *  bend, mark on, or punch holes anywhere on your card.  (INTERNAL CHIP/ANTENAE)
     *  scratch the stripe on the card.
     *  have your EagleCard ID laying on anything with magnets.
     *  tamper with the contactless chip or antenae.
     *  leave your card laying on your food service tray, table, computer
         terminal or washer/dryer.
     *  store pins with your EagleCard.
     *  let anyone else use your card for any reason.

     *  Treat your ID as you would your Debit Card and Drivers License.
     *  Always be aware of where your EagleCard is at all times. i.e..
         wallet, purse, card reader etc.
     *  Keep your EagleCard in the protective Handbook which came with
         your ID
     *  Or, use a lanyard or key chain card holder.
     *  Notify the EagleCard office ASAP that you have misplaced your ID

REMEMBER:  There is a fee for replacing lost, stolen or damaged cards.