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Departmental Access and Copy Cards

Departmental Access Card:

The Departmental Access Card is a pre-paid debit account and was designed to make on-campus purchasing easier and less time consuming for departments and their personnel.  With the University conversion to the Datatel Colleague system it is necessary for all existing Departmental Access Cards to be re-issued to comply with the new unit budget account numbering system.  All newly assigned Departmental Access Cards will be issed with this format.

How to Apply for a Replacement or New Departmental Access Card

Only department heads or managers can authorize the issuance of Departmental Access Cards.  A NEW Departmental Access Card Authorization Form must be filled out and turned in to the EagleCard Office before a new card or replacement card can be issued.  Multiple cards can be issued to one department, but it is advised to keep them at a minimum.  Each card will include the department's name, account number, the card holders photo and name.  All cards will continue to access the same Departmental Access account.

How do I add value to Departmental Access Card accounts

You can now request deposits to your account by submitting a Departmental Access Card Deposit Form via email.  Click on the link below to access the form.  Entry in all SHADED customer fields is required.  Also note:  The form MUST be submitted by the authorized card account supervisors email listed on the Departmental Access Card Authorization Form.  A reply will be sent by email when the deposit has been processed.


Departmental Access Card Authorization Form 
      (Print form; Please print all information clearly; Submit to EagleCard Office, Rm. 107, ADUC)
Departmental Access Card Deposit Form 
      (Form is in Excel format)
      (Deposits must be made from the departments supply account ONLY)
      (Form must be submitted via e-mail to eaglecard@moreheadstate.edu from the Auth. Card Account Supervisor)

Departmental Access Card Brochure (Updated version coming soon)

Departmental Copy Card:

   Departmental Copy Card Authorization Form  (Print form; Please print all information clearly; Submit to EagleCard Office, Rm. 107, ADUC)

Morehead State University (MSU) Departmental COPY Cards utilizing the new flyBUY contactless technology can now be ordered.  The Departmental Copy Card is a prepaid debit account which is now accessed online via the EagleCard flyBUY contactless technology.  These cards will only be accepted at on-campus reader enabled copiers and printers. Funds deposited to onto these cards are required to be paid out of the depts 5105800 Convenience copier account.


In an effort to better utilize the Universities Document Management System, departments will be encouraged to acquire Departmental Codes to be entered into copier units through the Dept. of Document Services.   Information regarding the copier coding program can be obtained from Doug Snedegar at 783-2701.  For more information regarding Departmental Copy Cards please contact the EagleCard Office at 606-783-2701.