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Vending, Copiers, Printers + Much MORE...

The BeakerBUCKs portion of the EagleCard is the most convenient method of payment for using these campus services.

Laundry (ASI Laundry Services)
For service call:  800-762-3452 (24 hours)
Web:  www.asicampuslaundry.com
Email:  info@asicampuslaundry.com
Laundry facilities are located in each campus residence halls and in Lakewood Terrace family housing.  These laundry facilities are now open use and do not require BeakerBUCKs or coins.  For questions please contact your RA or other Housing staff.

Concessions and Vending - For problems or service contact 606-783-2560 or t.mays@moreheadstate.edu.
All campus vending machines accept BeakerBUCKs as well as cash/coins.  To use BeakerBUCKs, tap your EagleCard at the flyBUY card reader and make your selection.  The funds are deducted from your BeakerBUCKs balance.

If you want to check your balance, that can also be done at these locations.  Prior to and after each purchase at any of these locations, your remaining BeakerBUCKs balance is displayed on the card reader.

Copiers (Canon)
For service call:  606-783-5000 or 606-783-COPY
Student Convenience Copiers campus wide, managed by Document Services (Allie Young), operate by using BeakerBUCKs.  The card reader attached to each machine accepts the EagleCard and reduces funds for each copy made.  This process replaces the Copy Cards that were once used on campus which means you only have one card to account for.

For service call:  606-783-5000 (for both Kyocera and HP units)
Computer lab printers also operate by using BeakerBUCKs and are managed by Document Services.  They are set up in the same manner as the copiers by reducing funds for each print made.  These printers are located in the following locations:  Camden Carroll Library, Combs, Lappin Hall, Radar Hall, Lloyd Cassity, Allie Young, Ginger Hall, Claypool Young Art Building, Breckinridge Hall, Baird Music Hall, Reed Hall, and the Cartmell Residence Hall.  Sites are widely located across campus for your convenience.