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 The EagleCard ID can be used to make purchases at the following on campus locations utilizing the new BeakerBUCKs account.  If you do not have your EagleCard with you or do not have a valid card, you will be required to pay cash.

University Bookstore
Use the EagleCard to purchase books, supplies, clothing, even candy.  The cost of the items purchased is deducted from your Express Club balance at the time of purchase.

 Cashiers Window
Located in Howell-McDowell, can now accept the BeakerBUCKs account on your EagleCard to make a payment on your account or pay for any miscellaneous fees or fines.  Cash withdrawals are no longer allowed from the new BeakerBUCKs account. 

 EagleCard Office
You can use your BeakerBUCKs to pay for lost, stolen and damaged cards.

Document Center
Room 14, Allie Young, now accepts the BeakerBUCKs account for the purchase of quick print items, both black/white and color.  Just call 606-783-2032 for more details.