Early Intervention System
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Behavioral Clues List

The EIS suggests that the following list of clues be used to help identify students who may be experiencing academic, social, or personal difficulties:

1. A student with fewer than 60 hours indicates an intent to vacate university housing.

2. Student displays a sudden dramatic change in student employment behavior, (i.e., attentiveness to job responsibilities, tardiness, work quality suddenly becomes poor, etc.).

3. Student's attendance in his/her classes is erratic or student has stopped attending classes.

4. Student's mid-term grades indicate failing or non-attendance.

5. Student displays a sudden dramatic change in academic behavior (i.e., attentiveness in class, tardiness, academic work suddenly becomes poor, etc.).

6. Student earns a GPA of 1.00 or less per semester.

7. Instructor feels as though this student may need additional academic attention.

8. Concerns about a student's alcohol or other drug use.

9. Self-referral from the student, or referral from parents, faculty/staff, or other student.