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Thank you for your interest in Morehead State University and the Dance Team!

MSU dancers perform at all home football games and at all home men’s and select women’s basketball games. In addition to these games, the dancers perform at many functions, ranging from pep rallies to athletic events or charity events. Members of the MSU dance team are excellent ambassadors of Morehead State University and the Department of Student Activities.

Auditions to fill the 12 to 18 positions on the team will be held at the start of the Fall Semester.  Incoming freshman or incoming transfer students, who have been admitted to MSU, as well as current MSU students, will be eligible to tryout.  During the fall and spring semesters, practices will be held 2 evenings a week for two to three hours a practice. In addition to practice, all team members are required to maintain a conditioning and weight training program. Warm up practices are also held prior to each game and lastly, dancers will be expected to participate in scheduled team activities, fundraisers, and appearances.

While there are currently no scholarships for dance team members at this time, dancing at MSU has many rewards. It is an opportunity to be a part of Morehead State and many athletic events. It is an opportunity to meet people of all ages and to work as a team. Being a part of the MSU dance team will give you great memories for your college years.

 The MSU dance program is an important program that requires each dancer to make the team a priority. Depending on the athletic schedule, dancers will be required to perform at games during semester breaks, spring break, University scheduled holidays, as well as some national holidays.   

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Sarah Wilson – Morehead State University, Dance Team Coach