University Administrative Regulations
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100.03 Acceptance of Transfer Credit for Undergraduate Students  
101.01 Student Loads
102 Course Numbering   
103.01 Extraordinary Faculty Compensation - Summer Courses 
104 Tuition Credit Policy When Student Withdraws from University 
105 Mid-term Grades 
106 Academic Bankruptcy 
107 Repeating Courses 
108 Incomplete Grade "I" 
109.01 Academic Program Competencies
110 Telecourse Credit  (Deleted)
111 Second Degree Requirements
112 Academic Grievance Procedure  
113 Guidelines for Assessing Faculty Credentials   
114 Consulting by Faculty Members and Academic Administrators
115 Military Credit  
116 Guidelines Specific to Librarians 
117.01 Selection, Orientation, and Supervision of Part-Time Faculty Members 
118.05 Occupational Health For Animal Care Workers    
119 Conflicts of Interest/Financial Disclosures in Projects with External Funding 
120.02 Instruction Evaluation Plan 
121 Conferences Services 
122 Correspondence Credit  (Deleted)
123 Scholastic Standing     
124 Procedures For Closing Of School Due to Hazardous Weather 
125 Graduate Assistantship Housing Benefit   (Deleted)
126 Faculty International Identification Cards & Medical Insurance 
127 Student International Identification Cards & Medical Insurance 
128 Students Who Require Developmental Education Instruction  
130 Medical Withdrawal 
131 Excused Absences Policy 
132     Transfer Credit Appeal 
133.01 Credit for Prior Learning 
135.01 Definition of a Credit Hour  
136.01 Instructional Delivery 
137.01     Faculty Salary Plan     
138.01 Mandatory Training for Employees Receiving Extramural Funding  
139.01           Cost Share Requirements on Externally Sponsored Agreements  
140.01     Supplemental Salary for Faculty and Staff from Sponsored Programs   
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300 Student Employment 
301 Staff Performance Management System 
302 Assessment of Tuition for Graduate Students 
303 Americans with Disabilities Act Complaint Procedures 
304 Sick Leave Bank 
305.02 MSU Operating Guidelines
306 Staff Education Bonus Program - Replaced by UAR 319
307 Employee Share of Institutional Loss/Deductible 
308 Telecommunications Resource Usage 
309 Accident Reporting Procedures 
310 Administrative Data Responsibility  
311 MSU Student Motor Vehicle Operating Program 
312 Procedures for Collection and Control of Cash Receipts for Campus Events Requiring Ticket Sales 
313 Technology Acquisitions and Management 
314.01 Matters Involving Foreign Nationals Employed by the University
315 Notification for Recovery of Fiscal Loss 
316 Reimbursement of Expenses Associated with Interviews 
317 Bus Scheduling for Non-University Groups (Deleted)
319.02 Salary Increase Upon Being Awarded an Advanced or New Degree
320 Motor Pool Regulations and Procedures 
321.01 Storage and Disposal of Surplus Fixed Assets
322.01 Policy for External Vendors Conducting Sales on Campus
323.01 Children and Other Dependents in the Workplace
324.02 Position Evaluation Review Procedure
325.01 Out-of-State Student Tuition Assessment with Extended Campus Center Classes
326.02 Policy and Procedures Related to the State Tuition Policy
327 Morehead State University Faculty and Staff Tuition Waiver Program 
328.01 Procedures for Environmental Review of Real Estate Property
329.01 Procedures for Re-employing Morehead State University Kentucky Employees= Retirement System (KERS) Retirees on a Full-Time Basis
330.01 Morehead State University Passenger Van Usage Policy
331.01 Mass Electronic Communications
332.01 Food Service Policy
333.02 Criminal Background Investigations
334.02 Phased Retirement Program 
335 Memberships and Dues 
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400.01 Wireless Network Policy and Procedure
401 Cellular Telephones and Other Wireless Communications Devices  
402.01 Interactive Video Classroom Usage   
403 Non-MAP Microcomputer Acquisitions   
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500 Review Process for Undergraduate Admission Applicants with Reported Criminal Convictions 
501.02 Procedures for Refunds and Repayments of Student Financial Assistance 
502.01 Issuance of Academic and Administrative Facility Keys to Students 
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700.01 News Media Relations
701.01 Web Publishing Regulation
702.01 VIP Protocol 
703 Communications, Media Relations, and Marketing Policy  
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900.01 Procedure for Release of Sensitive Student Information
901.02 Regulations Governing Inspection of the Public Records of Morehead State University
902 University Tobacco Use Policy