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Chapter 4: Faculty Senate Constitution and Standing Rule

4.1 Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate, organized in 1984, is the official representative body of the faculty of the University. It is the responsibility of the Faculty Senate to share in the governance of the University in matters pertaining to academic excellence, academic freedom, professional ethics, and faculty welfare. The Senate reports to the faculty and the president.

The Faculty Senate meets regularly in open meetings at 4:10 p.m. on the first and third Thursday of each month during the academic year. In addition, there are two summer meetings, one the third Thursday of June and one the third Thursday of July. Agenda for senate meetings are set by the Executive Council at least forty-eight hours in advance of meetings and are published to the faculty. Minutes of senate meetings are a matter of public record.

4.1.1 Faculty Senate Constitution (as revised 9/17/93)