Campus Partnership Fund
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Section I - Forward

It is the intent of the President of Morehead State University that an unrestricted account be established (known as the "Campus Partnership Fund"), under the auspices of the MSU Foundation, Inc., whereby all contributions to the Fund would be matched fifty cents to the dollar by the Foundation, with recommendations for distribution of Fund monies to be made by a Board of Stewards elected from Fund contributors.

Section II - Purpose

The Board of Stewards of the Campus Partnership Fund will make recommendations to the President of Morehead State University for both the methods and amounts of Fund distribution following each annual MSU Campus Giving Campaign. The Board of Stewards will also make recommendations regarding the promotion of the Fund on MSU's campuses.

Section III - Membership

The Board of Stewards will be comprised of nine (9) members selected from faculty and staff contributors to the Fund. Three (3) members will be selected for 3-year terms, three (3) members for 2-year terms, and three (3) members for 1-year terms. Chairpersons of the MSU Campus Giving Campaign, and the Annual Fund Director, will staff the Board as ex officio members. Board members must be annual contributors to the Fund throughout their terms of office.

In each subsequent year, an election will be held by the third Friday in February, following completion of the annual Campus Giving Campaign, to select three (3) faculty and staff contributors for 3-year terms to replace the three (3) members who rotate off of the Board after the completion of their terms. Board members can serve for subsequent terms if elected. The election will be conducted by the Board from among faculty and staff contributors to the Fund.

A Board member's term of office will expire upon the election of a new member to the Board. Any Board member who resigns, or who does not make an annual contribution to the Fund, will be replaced for the duration of their term by a special election.

Section V - Meetings

There shall be one meeting held by January 31 to plan for the election of new members to the Board, and one meeting held by February 28 to elect officers to the Board. Subsequent meetings will be called by the President or Vice President in the absence of the President. The presence of a simple majority of members shall constitute a quorum and meetings will be conducted in accordance with a modified version of Roberts Rules of Order.

Section VI - Revision of By-Laws

Adoption of, and revisions to, any section of the By-Laws will require the approval of two-thirds members of the Board of Stewards and ratification by the President of Morehead State University. Any member of the Board can propose revisions to the By-Laws.

APPROVED (April 21,1999)
Michael R. Walters, President
Board of Stewards  

RATIFIED (April 22,1999)
Ronald G. Eaglin, President
Morehead State University