Campus Partnership Fund
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The Board of Stewards are charged with the dispersion of the funds allocated to the Campus Partnership Fund via donations by MSU employees, students, retirees, and friends, as well as the matching funds provided by the MSU Foundation, Inc.

The Stewards are composed of MSU faculty and staff who have contributed to the fund, and are expected to continue to make annual contributions to the fund during their tenure on the Board.



President - Drew Henderson
Director, Computer Center Operations
(Feb. 2009)
Phyllis Dehart
Compensation and Classification Manager
(Feb. 2008)
Vice-President - Darlene Allen
Grants and Contracts Administrator
(Feb. 2008)
Jim Fluty
Director, Accounting & Budgetary Control
(Feb. 2010)
Secretary - Vacant April Haight
Director, Environmental Education Center
(Feb. 2009)
  Mike Hopper
Director, Academic and Career Services
(Feb. 2010)
  Jami Hornbuckle
Director of University Marketing
(Feb. 2008)
  Betty Regan
Chair, Information Systems
(Feb. 2007)
  Kenneth Sexton
Assistant Professor, Communications and Theatre
(Feb. 2009)