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Exhibits Standard 6

 1 Policies on governance and operations of the unit

1.a COE faculty handbook

1.b COE faculty handbook 2011-2012 (NEW)

1.c TEP handbook

1.d COE faculty evaluation plan

1.e MAT handbook

1.f TEC bylaws

2 Descriptions of the unit governance structure

2.a COE organizational chart 2009-2010

2.b COE organizational chart 2010-2011 (NEW)

2.c COE organizational chart 2011-2012 (NEW)

2.d COE recommendations from curriculum audit (NEW)

2.e 2009-2010 COE faculty list (NEW)

2.f 2010-2011 COE faculty list (NEW)

2.g 2011-2012 COE faculty list (NEW)

2.h 2009-2010 support personnel (NEW)

2.i 2010-2011 support personnel (NEW)

2.j 2011-2012 support personnel (NEW)

2.k COE Advising Center DRAFT survey (NEW)

2.l Academic affairs  

2.m MSU organizational chart 2009-2010  

2.n TEC committees 2009-2010  

2.o College of Education Document Room- meeting minutes, unit policies, & recruitment policies (UPDATED)

2.p College Curriculum Committees meeting minutes

2.q Dean's student advisory council meeting minutes

3 Unit policies on student services

3.a Counseling 

3.b Life Center

3.c Health Center

3.d Career Services

3.e Early Intervention System

3.f Emergency Resources

3.g Regional Campus Centers

4 Recruiting and admission policies for candidates

4.a Recruiting and admission  

4.b Teacher Education

4.c TEP admission process (NEW)


4.d Counseling Ed.S.

4.e P-5 Education

4.f Special Education MAT

4.g English Education  

4.h Health and PE Education  

4.i Music and Art Education  

4.j Business Information Technology Education

5 Academic calendars, catalogs, unit publications, grading policies, and unit advertising  

5.a Recruiting Video  

5.b Table display

5.c Undergraduate Catalog 2009-2010

5.d Graduate Catalog 2009-2010

5.e COE newsletter 2008  

5.f COE strategic plan  

5.g Dean reappointed to EPSB  

5.h Foundational and Graduate Studies in Education Spring newsletter

6 Unit budget  

6.a Budget allocations 2007-2008  

6.b Budget allocations 2008-2009  

6.c Budget allocations 2009-2010  

6.d Budget allocations 2010-2011  

6.e Copy of Morehead State University TK20 server contract (NEW)

6.f Invoice 1046 Morehead State June 06 (NEW)

7 Budgets of comparable units with clinical components on campus or similar units at other campuses  

7.a Budget  

7.b Budget comparison of comparable Colleges of Education at select Benchmark Institutions (NEW)

7.c Budget comparison of Clinical Programs at MSU 2009-2012 (NEW)

8 Faculty workload policies  

8.a Part-time faculty  

8.b Summer workloads  

8.c Faculty handbook and policies  

8.d Faculty handbook  

8.e Workload formulas for faculty credit (NEW)

8.f APPR data strategies workgroup report (NEW)

9 Summary of faculty workloads  

9.a Workload Summaries 2009-2012 (NEW)

9.b COE workload reports  

9.c Full-time NCATE faculty 2009-2010  

9.d Part-time NCATE faculty 2009-2010  

10 List of facilities, including computer labs and curriculum resource centers  

10.a Facilities  

10.b Student open access lab  

10.c Information Technology  

10.d Curriculum Map  

10.e Tutoring and learning center  

10.f Online learning and classroom instructional technologies  

10.g Ginger Hall renovations checklist (NEW)

10.h Education computer lab use (NEW)

11 Description of library resources

11.a Description of library resources

11.b COE library budget report

11.c Camden Carroll Library Budget 2008-2010

12 Description of resources for distance learning

12.a Distance education

12.b Spring 2011 internet course (NEW)

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