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Exhibits Standard 5

1 Data table on faculty qualifications  

1.a Table 1

1.b SACS credential faculty guidelines

1.c Definition of Academic Titles

1.d PAc-1 Definition of academic titles

1.e PAc-34 Alternative career-track faculty

1.f Table 11 (UPDATED)

1.g PEU faculty completing Blackboard and Moodle training (NEW)

1.h Distance learning training evaluation (NEW)

2 Licensure information of school faculty

2.a Educator preparation

3. Samples of faculty scholarly activities 

3.a Scholarly activities table

3.b Grants, presentations, publications, celebration of student scholarship table

3.c SLSL Lyons & Barnett published article (NEW)

4 Summary of service and collaborative activities engaged in by faculty with the professional community  

4.a Professional service table

4.b Community service table

5 Promotion and tenure policies and procedures  

5.a PAc-2 Promotion review

5.b PAc-27 Tenure review


6 Samples of forms used in faculty evaluation and summaries of the results  

6.a Student evaluation form example 1

6.b Student evaluation form example 2

6.c 2010 Evaluation Form

6.d Chair/peer FEP

6.e College of Education IDEA course ratings 2007-2010

6.f Summary of Chair Evaluation of College of Education Faculty

6.g Advising survey results (NEW)

7 Professional development activities offered by the unit  

7.a Center for Regional Engagement

7.b Summary of Professional development activities

7.c Professional development & school district engagement

7.d Caudill College professional development for school systems

7.e KTIP consulting

7.f MSU Senate Bill 1 Update

7.g 2009-2011 professional development funding (NEW)

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