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Exhibits Standard 3

1 Memoranda of understanding, contracts, and/or other documents that demonstrate partnerships with schools  

1.a Example MOA with schools  

1.b Advanced programs instructional rounds

1.c PPN meeting minutes

1.d MAT Survey  

1.e TEP Principals' Survey  

1.f Cooperating Teacher Evaluations by candidates 2009-2010  

1.g Cooperating Teacher Informational Communication (NEW)

1.h A brief history (NEW)

1.i Counseling survey (NEW)

2 Criteria for the selection of school faculty  

2.a Cooperating superintendent

2.b Duties of cooperating teacher in TEP handbook

2.c MAT teacher criteria

2.d Email to the principal requesting CP placement (NEW)

3 Documentation of the preparation of school faculty for their roles

3.a PPN mentoring PD agenda

3.b MAT boot camp

3.c Clinical practice orientation agenda

3.d Clinical practice orientation (NEW)

3.e Univeristy Supervisor/Cooperating Teacher/Candidate Correspondence (NEW)

4 Description of field experiences and clinical practice requirements in programs for initial and advanced teacher candidates and other school professionals  

4.a Field experience levels in TEP handbook

4.b PPN description

4.c Superintendent practicum requirements

4.d Table 7

4.e Graduate course syllabus (NEW)

4.f Examples of technology in advanced programs (NEW)

5 Guidelines for student teaching and internships Assessments and scoring rubrics/criteria used in field experiences and clinical practice for initial and advanced teacher candidates and other school professionals  

5.a TEP handbook

5.b TEP disposition evaluation process

5.c TPA section assignments & rubrics

5.d Supervisor practicum assessment and scoring rubric

5.e MAT packet

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