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Exhibits Standard 1

1 State program review documents and state findings  

1.a Program reviews

1.b EPSB program review report August 2011 (NEW)

1.c Table 2 (UPDATED)

1.d Table 3 (UPDATED)

1.e EPSB Biennial Report 04-05

1.f EPSB Biennial Report 06-07

1.g EPSB Biennial Report 08-10

1.h Teacher leader proposal program (NEW)

2 Title II reports submitted to the state for the previous three years

2.a Title II 2006-2007

2.b Title II 2007-2008

2.c Title II Trad Program 2008-2009

2.d Title II Alt Cert report 2008-2009

3 Key assessments and scoring guides

3.a Initial Programs

Common Undergraduate Assessments  

3.a.1 Classroom observation record of performance

3.a.2 Philosophy of Education

3.a.3 EDSP 230 RTI critical performance (UPDATED)

3.a.4 Teacher performance assessment (TPA)


3.a.5 EDEC 428 learning environments

3.a.6 EDEC 428 lesson plan

3.a.7 IECE 301 diversity


3.a.9 Assessment analysis task EDUC 482 P-5 & 5-9

3.a.10 Individualized education program EDSP 367

3.a.11 Mini-TPA EDEE 322 P-5


3.a.12 Assessment analysis task EDUC 482 P-5 & 5-9

3.a.13 Lesson planning EDMG 343

3.a.14 Mini-TPA EDMG 332 5-9

Secondary & P-12

3.a.15 Methods 402 assessment descriptions table

3.a.16 Instructional unit analysis & realignment EDF 311

3.a.17 Secondary digital portfolio EDSE 312 07-09

3.a.18 Critical Performance HPE 303 Mini-TPA

Special Education

3.a.19 LBD MSD assessments & rubrics

IECE Post-Bac

3.a.20 IECE 657 portfolio rubric

3.a.21 IECE 657 lesson plans


3.a.22 MAT Middle & Secondary: designing the lesson

3.a.23 MAT Middle & Secondary: assessment

3.a.24 MAT Middle & Secondary: evidence binder guide

3.a.25 MAT Special Education assessments & rubrics

3.b Advanced Programs

3.b.1 Counseling MA exit exam

3.b.2 Counseling practicum rubric

3.b.3 Director of Special Education professional portfolio

3.b.4 Educational Leadership portfolio

3.b.5 Educational Leadership portfolio scoring

3.b.6 Leadership writing prompt rubric

3.b.7 Educational Technology exit exam

3.b.8 Rank I P-9 EDS Exit Exam

3.b.9 Rank I Special Education Exit Exam

4 Data tables and summaries that show how teacher candidates have performed on key assessments

4.a Standard 1 key assessments

4.b Table 4

4.c Table 5

4.d Middle Grades Review (NEW)

4.e Review of programs in Early Children Elementary Special Education (NEW)

4.f P5 Regional Comparison (NEW)

4.g Middle Grades Regional Comparison (NEW)

4.h Special Education Regional Comparison (NEW)

5 Samples of candidate work

Link to Blackboard; password provided TBA

6 Follow-up studies of graduates and data tables of results

6.a EPSB new teacher surveys trend total

6.b Teacher education alumni follow

6.c Teacher education National Database trend alumni follow up 2005-2009

6.d Teacher leader survey results

6.e Undergraduate and graduate comparisons National Database

7 Employer feedback on graduates and summaries of the results

7.a Employer survey for Fall 2008 through Spring 2012

7.b Leadership program feedback assessment

7.c Principal survey on Masters redesign overview

7.d Principal survey Spring 2010

7.e Results survey Masters redesign

8 List of candidate dispositions, including fairness and the belief that all students can learn, and related assessments, scoring guides, and data

8.a Summary of disposition review

8.b Disposition evaluation process

8.c Disposition assessment form

8.d Academic and professional standards committee

8.e Disposition assessment form (NEW)

8.f Teacher education admission assurances

8.g TEP admission process (NEW)

8.h MAT improvement plan form (NEW)

8.i Strategies for identifying and counseling (NEW)

8.j Sample Ed Leadership dispositional concerns (partial email to student) (NEW)

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