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Financial Aid and Student Loan Repayment

What are my options if my family has suffered a loss of income or major expense due to the natural disaster?
Financial aid counselors are authorized to use their professional judgment in order to reflect more accurately the financial need of students and families affected by a disaster. If a student feels that their eligibility for aid was impacted by the disaster, they should contact the financial aid counselor to ask for a review.

What if documentation I need to apply for financial aid has been damaged or lost by a natural disaster?
In some instances students and parents may be asked to provide documentation for verification of their financial aid application information. If the documentation being requested has been lost or destroyed by the disaster, the student should immediately inform the school that asked for the records. That school may make a determination not to require those documents.

I have financial aid and I am not able to complete my school year due to a natural disaster. What are my options?
There are resources available to help you stay in school. You should contact the Office of Enrollment Services, your academic advisor, or the Office of Retention for assistance. However, if withdrawal becomes necessary, you should speak with your financial aid counselor for guidance. Federal student loan borrowers who, as a result of the disaster, were not able to complete their school year, will be provided with an extended “in-school” status until the borrower officially withdraws or re-enrolls in the next regular enrollment period, whichever is earlier. This action will prevent the borrower from entering repayment status on his or her loans. Students should contact their school to request this action.

I was displaced from my home in a recent natural disaster. As a result, I am having trouble making payments on my federal student loan. What are my options?
Borrowers who are in repayment but who were adversely affected by a disaster qualify for administrative forbearance of loan repayment for a period of up to three months. During forbearance, payments are temporarily postponed or reduced. However, interest is still charged during the forbearance period. Borrowers should contact their lender to request this forbearance.

Contact Information

Federal Student Aid has a number of call centers equipped to assist students and borrowers as they recover from a disaster.
· Students with general questions about federal student aid should call 606-783-2000.
· Borrowers who are currently in repayment and who have questions about their federally-owned loans (Direct Loans and Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) Loans purchased by the Department of Education) should contact their federal loan servicer directly. Federal loan servicer contact information is available on the Federal Student Aid Loan Servicers Web page 

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