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Connie Yan
Degree(s): Nursing
Year(s): 2011
Hometown: San Francisco, CA


Morehead State University continues to grow by leaps and bounds. With the opening of the Center for Health, Education and Research (CHER), the nursing program is shining in the spotlight.

Many nursing students are awed by the beauty of the facility and impressed with opportunities that are presented. Connie Yan of San Francisco a spring 2011 nursing graduate, had an opportunity to travel to Haiti to participate in mission work.

Yan was inspired by a group of her peers who traveled with the mission group, Children International Lifeline to Haiti in the summer of 2010 after a 7.0 earthquake ravaged the country earlier in the year. She saved up enough money to travel to Haiti to participate in another mission trip during spring break 2011.

“Knowing that the country has had bad luck with hurricanes and now an earthquake, I wanted to do something good,” she said.

The first stop for the mission group in Haiti was Port-Au-Prince International Airport. The monstrous earthquake took its toll on Haiti and the capital city was affected as well.

“I was hit with the magnitude of the damage; cracks and broken glass were still seen a year later,” said Yan.

She participated in work at tent cities (as they are locally called). People were living without walls or even a roof. Blue tarps were used to provide basic coverage for Haitians and their possessions that remained.

The group also traveled outside the tent cities to reach as many people as they could. They were well received by the Haitians who appreciated the work that was being done. “Children would come up to you and not want anything but to just hold your hand,” Yan said.

After climbing a 2,100-foot mountain to reach Haitians in a remote area, the mission group saw more than 500 patients.

“I’m very proud of the work that we done,” Yan said.

She emphasized that the week spent in Haiti hammered in how much she loved the nursing field and being able to help people. She also stated that there is still much more work that needs to be done.

Yan said she was very fortunate to have been able to help in Haiti and describes it as a humbling experience. She vows to return and continue mission work, but this time as a certified nurse instead of a nursing student.

She remembers a saying from a T-shirt “Suffering doesn’t stop just because the media coverage does.”

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