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For program information and questions contact:

Stephanie Akers, Program Director
Phone: 606-783-2896
Fax: 606-783-5064
210 Ginger Hall
Morehead, KY 40351

MSU Home :: Academics :: MSU Admission Application Instructions

Submit a paper application by mail:

1. Go to  
2. Click on MSU Admission Application Instructions 
3. Click on Academics 
4. Click Apply to MSU 
5. Click on Undergraduate Application 
6. Print the application 
7. Fill in the required information 
8. On Question 8 select Special/Non Degree 
9. On question 12 write Fall 2016
10. On question 13 write Non Degree 
11. On question 14 select Not Seeking Degree 
12. Do not enter in any ACT/SAT information 
13. Mail or fax the completed application and a $30 check or money order to the address on the top of the application. 
14. You can also fax the application and pay the application fee by phone. For application fee information, call 606-783-9365. 

If you need help completing your application please call 606-783-9365 for assistance.

Online Admission Process

Online submission is the preferred method. Please see below for instructions to complete and mail a paper application.
If you need help completing your application please call our admission office at 606-783-2000.
Please note, you are not required to submit a transcript with either application option.

1. Go to  
2. Click on MSU Admission Application Instructions
3. Click on Academics
4. Click Apply to MSU
5. Click on Create an Account
6. Click on Create an Undergraduate Account
7. Fill in the required fields that are marked with a red asterisk
8. Anticipated Entry term is Spring 2016
9. For the academic program of interest select Undergraduate Non Degree
10. Click Start an Application
11. Click Undergraduate Application
12. Fill in the required prompts-You must enter your birthdate and social security number
13. Under Academic Plans select Special as the type of student
14. Do not fill in a major or any of the fields related to ACT/SAT or college history
15. Follow the remaining prompts to fill out your undergraduate application and click submit application when you are finished
16. You will be required to pay the $30 application fee with a credit/debit card 

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