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MSU Home :: DIVERSITY :: Meeting Minutes Nov. 16, 2011
President's Diversity Council Meeting 11/16/11

Attendees: Charles Holloway, Ritta Abell, Brice Yates, Stacey Timberlake, Evangeline Day, Clarenda Phillips, Jerel Benton

• Jerel and Josh have been working on a comprehensive retention plan. Focus on minority retention. Want to focus on tracking students from the beginning of the semester to the end. A weak area has been seen in athletics.
• Jerel has sent emails to students about services that are available.
• Tutoring services have almost doubled since last year.

• There is a strategy plan that enrollment services has.
• The goal is 1600 first time freshmen.
• 2000 graduate students.
• This past open house was the largest turnout for the University.

How do we measure our effectiveness?
• Dr. Abell stated that working with faculty senate members have asked about the council. She also stated that the diversity plan has been the main thing that measures the council.
• Stacey mentioned that from a student standpoint she would need to know what are we targeting as a council.
• Evangeline mentioned publicizing the group and mentioned viewing the amount of hits the diversity page receives.
• Clarenda mentioned that keeping a record of things that have been resolved from a group (action items). Report at the end of the year what we have done.
• Brice mentioned that looking at doing professional development workshops to measure effectiveness and enlighten the campus community.

Campus Climate Survey
• Charles stated he is still working with Jill Ratliff.
• Hopefully will be put together in the beginning of the upcoming year.

Information Sharing
• BGE will be having their fall concert Nov. 30
• Dr. Abell is in the midst of producing an adaption of Crystal Wilkerson's 'Black Berries'.
• Brice mentioned international marketing pieces that are being worked on in the Office of Communications and Marketing.
• Evangeline mentioned that she is working on a project called 'Barrier Busters'. A project that allows students to speak up about things that they see on campus that are out of place or not working.
• SEED is having their first event tomorrow, expecting about 500 students.
• Charles mentioned we will be having a new member from the community added to the council.

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