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Evacuation of the Mobility Impaired

If an individual with mobility impairment is on the second floor of a building or above or in the basement, he or she may need assistance to leave the building during an emergency or during an elevator failure.

Ambulatory Individuals

Ambulatory individuals are those people with disabilities that require special assistance during an evacuation. Examples of these individuals include people who are blind or deaf or whose mobility is restricted by the use of walkers or crutches. You should help these individuals by:

  1. Guiding them to the stairwell of the building and waiting near the stairwell until it is clear.
  2. Assisting them in walking down the stairwell and outside to the pre-planned assembly area.

Non-Ambulatory Individuals

Non-ambulatory individuals are those people with disabilities that require the use of wheelchairs. You should assist these individuals by:

  1. Calling MSUPD at 911.
  2. Moving the impaired individual near the stairwell and awaiting assistance.
  3. If the hazard becomes life-threatening (i.e., the fire is getting close or the smoke becomes choking) move the individual into a room and closing the door. Vacate the building and immediately tell the emergency responders where the individual is located.

MSU Police Anonymous Tip Form


  • Emergency: 911
  • MSU Police Dept: 783-2035
  • Kentucky State Police: 784-4127
  • City Police: 784-7511
  • Sheriff: 784-5446
  • Hospital: 783-6500
  • Domestic Violence Shelter: 784-6880

    State Advisory Level
    Homeland Security Threat Level - Elevated

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