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MSU Home :: DIVERSITY :: Meeting Minutes Oct. 19, 2011

president's diversity council 10/19/11

Attendees: Jerel Benton, Charles Holloway, Joshua Moore, Brice Yates, Kathy Lewis, Jamie Gordon

Council welcomed Joshua Moore. New Minority Academic Services Coordinator.

• In order for students to be successful we have to intervene early and often.
• Charles asked what at some things we need to do from a university setting?
• Jerel mentioned that we have the Provisional program as well as DREAMS. Work to grab students before classes begin.
• Begin with intrusive advising.
• Jamie spends time with the volleyball team. Mentioned getting the right people here for the right reasons.
• The Registrars Office does have a survey that students can fill out when they transfer.
• Jamie speaks with a recruit who may have decided to go to a different school over MSU.
• Jamie asked is there a specific number that students can call when they are in need of an emergency.
• Brice stated that Sharri Jones is Student Liaison for students. Her office is in ADUC.
• Charles will speak with Dayna and Sharri to see how we can publicize office.

• President Andrews wants a number of 1600 first time freshmen. We are currently at 1400.
• Jerel mentioned reaching out to those students and make them feel like they are a part of campus.
• Jamie mentioned a good attribute of MSU is the close relationships.
• Jamie mentioned being the first connection for students.

How do we measure our effectiveness?
• Brice mentioned getting out there and speaking with different departments, possibly doing a PowerPoint presentation.
• Jamie mentioned doing a self analysis. How have we done from last year to this year?

Information Sharing
• Kathy mentioned on Wednesday, Nov. 9 from 8 a.m. - 12:30 p.m., Mathematics, Physics and Advanced Technology Exploration (MPATE) will be hosting an event on campus. High school students will getting to see the university setting and work with other schools. MPATE is in need of 60 college students to assist.
• Jamie mentioned that if we are in need of a coach or athlete to be a speaker for an event contact athletics.
• Jerel is going to work on intrusive advising.

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