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MSU Home :: DIVERSITY :: Meeting Minutes Oct. 5, 2011

 presidents diversity council 10/5/11

Attendees: Stacey Timberlake, Brice Yates, Evangeline Day

Master Calendar of Events

• Historian Dr. Nell Painter was on campus the week of Oct. to speak to students, faculty and staff.

WOW Presentation (Lincoln Foundation)
• The University is looking into design a summer camp for rising sophomores, juniors and seniors. Incentives for students to attend MSU.

What are some measurements we can put in place to address effectiveness of the council?
• Evangeline asked is there a place where people can see who is on the council?
• Brice said he would update the diversity page to list the council members.

Information Exchange
• Stacey mentioned that SEED is continuing to grow, added new members, now student org (12 members)
• Evangeline stated that the percentage of minority students that register with disabilities services is low. Students may assume something negative
• Brice mentioned doing a possible marketing piece for disability service
• Stacey mentioned that minority students are treated differently in special education in public schools and Black students are over represented
• Evangeline stated that MSU students are referred to Pathways if they need testing for learning disabilities. Pathways use MSU psychology students as interns.
• Evangeline mentioned there are many students at the University who have learning disabilities that have never been documented and not getting the services that are due.


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